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6 Design Tips For An Eye-Catching Entryway

By Michael's Superstore

June 2, 2020

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While decorating the house or apartment, the homeowners often miss the entryways. Since entryways are very crucial, you should never ignore them as they are what guests see first. To make a fantastic impression on your guests, make your entryways appealing.

The entryway of the house represents your style and taste. It is crucial to enhance the comfort quotient of your entryways to amp up the overall home decor. Try to make them elegant as well as inviting.

Here is a list of ideas for you to amp up the look and feel of your entryways.

How About a New Entry Door To Maintain The Charm?

Whenever the word “entryway” comes into the picture, the first thing that hits the mind is the main door of the house. To enhance the look of the entryway, replace the old door with a new one. You can customize your door as per your needs.

This way, you can add a personal touch and taste to your home decor.

While choosing the perfect door, always prefer materials like fiberglass and steel as they are not only a treat to the eyes but also energy efficient. One of the best examples of these doors is the storm doors. There are many attractive and affordable options for these doors in the market.

Lighting Solutions

If you have a tiny entryway, you surely do not want to keep it dark after sunset. Make it bright with the proper lights. If you want a unique look, install the beautiful sconce. You can also place a lantern nearby for an elegant look to the entryway. These lanterns will liven up the look and feel of your house parties and family dinners. You can choose the right lighting solutions from reliable stores to illuminate your home. Keep in mind the style and decor of your home to make the most of these lights.

Vibrant Rug

Apart from doors and lights, you should also focus on other things. If the floors at the entrance are not that appealing then worry not, you can make it beautiful and attractive anytime with the help of rugs. You can easily amp up the appeal of your home with a vibrant rug!


Wallpapers change the look of the house in the best way. Nowadays, people use wallpapers in almost every room of their homes; therefore, they need no introduction. They come with so many patterns, designs, styles, and colors that it is hard to keep the eyes off the interior. You need to consider the style of your home before choosing the perfect wallpapers for it.

So, make them a part of your entryway to create an impressive look. If you are finding it difficult to choose a wallpaper for your space, you can check home decor magazines. Buy removable wallpapers for your home, so that you can replace them frequently.


Nothing is better than placing indoor plants in the entryway because they help in bringing freshness to your space. The best thing about them is they are often low maintenance. Therefore you need not make efforts in dealing with these plants. Also, you can turn the space more beautiful by adding some colorful fresh flowers.


The furniture pieces create a more organized look in the home with options like drawers, chests, sofa, beds, and many more. There are uncountable furniture pieces on the market that offer different functions.

People often dump things like keys, coats, jackets, and shoes, etc., on entryways.                                                                                         You can use a few pieces of furniture like small chests, drawers, and a shoe rack to keep it organized and neat. To bring a little change in the look of your entryway, you can place a chair in a corner near the entryway.

So, use these tips, if you want to improve the elegance of your entryway!

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