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Create A Commanding Foyer With These 12 Amazing Furniture Ideas

By Michael's Superstore

August 31, 2019

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Looking to freshen up the design of your foyer? The foyer or entryway, depending on whom you will ask, is one of the most important parts of a hospitable home: it is the first thing that greets your guests when they enter your residence and the last place they will be to bid their farewells and retrieve their belongings; the same thing goes for members of your family who goes to and comes from work and school. With that in mind, creating a stylish and accommodating entryway thus is a must as it sets the tone for the rest of your home while also helping you to keep it in order.

For the purpose the foyer will serve, most challenges that homeowners and designers faced when decorating their entryway has always been using the right furniture whether it is maximizing a limited space or making a big area as efficient as possible. If you live in either a small apartment or an enormous mansion, we are sure you will find some inspiration from these amazing furniture ideas we have collected that you can put in your foyer and better up the charm of your interior.

  1. All-Wood Console. For a foyer with limited foot traffic, an open-type console table made of wood makes a great addition to intensify the rustic vibe of your dwelling. Pair it to an entry door with wood frame and opaque glass panels to let the natural light in sans mosquitoes and without compromising your privacy.
  2. Built-In Bench With Wicker Baskets. For homes with kids, dragging dirt from the outside is a major issue because not only dirt and dust can make your home prone to allergens, it also makes you spend more time cleaning up the foyer instead of doing more important chores. Easily solve this problem with a bench with built-in shoe caddies to keep your foyer tidy and your floors squeaky clean.
  3. Wooden Bench With Pillows. Show your guests and visitors your gracious hospitality right off the bat with a wooden bench thoughtfully placed by the entryway filled with soft cushions in a variety of color-matching covers that harmonize with the rest of your decor.
  4. Built-in Cabinet With Bench. Maximize the space of your foyer by building a similar idea from item #2 but this time, let the storage goes up into the wall and use the shelves to store knick-knacks and memorabilia that would put a smile on everyone’s faces upon entering the house.
  5. A Stylish Mirror. Never leave the house without that last glance in the mirror. A swanky round mirror with thin metal frame, a French-style window frame turned into a mirror, or an antique Venetian mirror are all fantastic ideas to add flair to your home and brighten up the place.
  6. Metal And Wood Console. If you’re going for a more modern approach yet still minimal in style, a console table with a thin metal frame and wood top makes a great foyer table to hold some magazines and glass vases. Complete the look with a modern crystal chandelier.
  7. Daybed Under An Artwork. If you have an extra daybed and instead of putting it in the storage, showcase it by your foyer under a big, tasteful artwork highlighted by a pair of spotlights.
  8. A Demilune Table. A demilune table, which is a console table made of metal or wood with a half-moon shape top and gracefully tapered legs, packs in the right style and proportion for use in both small and big foyer spaces. If your design rule is either ‘less is more’ or ‘wow for impact’, the demilune is as well-rounded as it gets.
  9. Padded Ottomans Under A Console. For a public space like a foyer, making it look intimate can be as easy as putting a pair of padded ottomans under your console table. Padded furniture instantly adds comfort to a foyer that is normally used as a passage hallway and adds functionality as well by providing a place to seat for waiting visitors. 
  10. A Buffet Table With Cabinet Doors. If your entryway can accommodate, a buffet table you no longer need in the dining area can help turn your foyer into an unexpected, elegant area. A cabinet door with textures will intensify the visual interest of your setup.
  11. An Antique Chest Of Drawers. Like the previously mentioned daybed and buffet table, your extra chest of drawers from your bedroom can find new life as a storage unit in the foyer. Combined with a pair of antique wooden chairs in the same stain finish for a matching look, your chest of drawers ensemble will easily underscore the taste of the homeowners.
  12. A Metal Bench With Built-in Hat And Coat Rack. An all one solution for tight foyer spaces, three-in-one furniture like a bench and coat rack combo is a space-saving furniture anyone would want to have. With a place to sit while taking off your shoes, the coat rack also makes an efficient storage space to easily hang your hat and jacket before leaving the house and upon arrival.
  13. Bonus: Rugs. Not a furniture but still a wonderful addition to give your home a well-collected vibe. To seamlessly add a rug to your furniture, or any part of the house, take a reference point in the surrounding area like the colors of the wall or the shape of the ceiling for a more unified look. To see our great collection of rugs, check out our shop here.

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This post is also available in: Español

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