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9 Astounding Furniture Ideas To Transform The Spare Room On Your Attic

By Michael's Superstore

September 28, 2019

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Do you know of a space in your house that is in a state of disarray, full of cartons and boxes with only dust and cobwebs as accents? It might sound familiar because more often than not, it is that neglected area nearest to the roof - your attic room. Most of the time, the attic is the part of the house that is always used for storing unwanted items since it is tucked away and out of sight. But a hidden space like this has an array of possibilities for use, like a bedroom for an unexpected guest, a husband's man cave, a secret library for the kids or a mother’s retreat for her hobbies. In transforming your attic into a space of function and aesthetic, getting any of these awesome furniture pieces can be your first step in taking that satisfying journey.

Sofa Bed

This piece is a well-known option for maximizing any type of area. With its multi-function feature, putting it in the attic can make it into a den where anyone can hang out and at the same time, double as a sleeping haven for your unannounced visitors. Its conversion can vary from simply putting down the backrest to a much more complicated one like pulling out the bed from the seat. Some sofa bed models have added storage where pillows can be stored. But if the preservation of your seating setup or a more comfortable bed is preferred, consider having the next one installed.

Murphy Bed

Also known as a pull-down bed or a wall bed, a Murphy bed has been a popular space-saving furniture item since the early 1900s. This stow-away bed can hide flawlessly into the wall while the attic can serve as a parlor or music room. Showing off the method of revealing this bunk is by itself amusing and would always leave guests in awe, wanting to try it themselves. With sizes that vary from a single bed to king-sized bed, flexibility is in your favor.

Office Desk

Finding an iconic office desk in the middle of the attic as you emerge from the previous room is authoritative as it is commanding. A writing desk along with a matching executive chair and pendant lighting would complete the look of your attic and make it feel like a set straight out from a Mafia-inspired movie. Choose a piece made of wood and metal with a vintage vibe for a more hardcore appeal.

Gaming Tables

With an arresting ambiance and hopefully a window, having a modern card gaming table or snooker table (or both) amid the attic will leave an impression on your buddies. Perfectly placed and hidden from view, private poker or snooker nights can go on till the wee hours of the morning without disturbing the rest of the house. Add some bar furniture and appliances, not to mention the food and drinks, and your game night is guaranteed without any interruption.

Entertainment Cabinet

What is fun without organization? Nobody wants to enjoy a movie or a board game in a heap of mess. To have that awesome family movie night, a media cabinet to house your enormous TV and sound system is the perfect setup for a movie marathon every weekend. An entertainment center can also store your other game accessories like a chessboard, Scrabble set or a box of Uno Stacko. For more ideas about entertainment cabinets, check out our collection of entertainment centers and media cabinets here.

Theatre Chairs

Pair these with the previous piece and you'll have a full-fledged mini theatre room right in your home. A sectional recliner sofa will also work. Add some soft furnishings to help with the acoustics and install dimmable lighting to complete the cinema-like mood. Hung some old-fashioned signages or your favorite movie posters framed as artwork on the walls. Don't forget to share the popcorn.

Reading Lounge

A very own reading nook for the book worm can be made from this private area. A soft lounge chair makes a good companion while you read your favorite book. Use a chaise for a more melodramatic feel or a Bauhaus-inspired couch for a formal setting. Fused it with floor lamps and some bookshelves to complement a whole library-like experience. Make sure to have enough display storage for paperbacks books and their hardcover versions.

Island Counter

As for the hobbyist, a quiet sanctuary where they can practice his or her pastime is truly a dream come true. Sheltered away from the world, a spacious attic with a built-in island counter is a great hideout place to layout and organize all materials for small DIY projects. Just remember to set it up with good task lighting and you’ll never know where the time had gone.

High Stool

This type of seating alone in an empty attic spells drama. A few on top of an area rug with a mic stand and your attic space will turn into a musical performance rehearsal. A high stool together with an easel will convert your bland attic into a protege painter’s studio. Make sure to use a protective floor mat instead of an expensive rug for easy paint cleanup.

There are so many possibilities to which your concealed, unused attic can be purposed into. With a little spark of imagination and any of these furniture pieces will help you fulfill its function any way you want it to be. Looking for more seating options? Visit our online shop to see some wonderful seating for your home.

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This post is also available in: Español

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