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Decorating Tips For A Bright And Delicate Baby Rooms

By Michael's Superstore

December 3, 2019

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Babies are so in right now. In case you missed the memo, baby rooms and nursery rooms are one of the hottest home decor trends of the year! (OK, we just made that up so we can have an excuse to write about amazing baby room ideas - editor). Anyway, in creating the design of your nursery room, being creative with the decorations is always the best intention. In this post, you will learn that some of the most sophisticated ideas also lies in the functionality of the design that also happens to be playful.

Your budget aside, the design of your nursery doesn't have to be expensive but can still feel elegant. You can rely on the 7 basic elements of design such as shapes and colors to create a unique room concept for your sweet little angels. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that function reigns superior over form. For some inspiring design ideas for the sanctuary of your offsprings, here are a few nuggets of wisdom to get you started.

Make Your Own Mobile

If you have been to a lot of baby rooms, you can relate to this one. Every time you pick up a baby from its crib, it always, always bump its head on one of those toys hanging on its crib. Eliminate such unpleasant experience by creating your own soft mobile with colors that match your decor. Stretch your sewing skills and create different patterns on used fabrics or felt and stuff it with cotton. Hang them on a sanded piece of wood and watch it put a smile on your baby’s face. 

Seize Each Storage Opportunity

The challenge in keeping a tidy nursery room is how to make the clutter disappear. Whether you have a small or expansive nursery room, overcoming your storage dilemma is as simple as repurposing available spaces that are already hidden in view. Case in point, if you have a crib with legs, put a bed skirt around it. Underneath the crib, boxes can be used to store toys and books. You can do the same thing with chairs, beds, and coffee tables. 

Create Flags From Used Shirt

Liven up the atmosphere of your infants’ room with banderoles made of fabrics from your used clothes. Cut them out in a triangular-shaped and sew them on a piece of string. Color-coordinate the fabric based on your nursery’s theme.

Your Own Tray Full Of Everything

To easily facilitate the task you will perform in the nursery room especially in the first few months after the arrival of your newborn, prepare all your essentials in a box or tray for easy access. This will not only save you time, but it will also save your sanity by having everything within reach. Then you can just do your refills when necessary.

Use A Rack For Display

If you don’t have enough storage space to manage your baby accessories, utilize a blank wall to have those items on display. Small accessories like headbands, bibs, and bags can hang on a coat rack fastened to your walls while folding strollers and carriages can be stowed each on secured wall hooks.

DIY A Crib Bumper

When it comes to your baby, safety should be the utmost priority. Keep your bundle of joy from getting bumps on their heads by creating a crib bumper. All you need is a piece of 1inch foam covered with the fabric of your choice. Place it on all the interior walls of the crib with height not taller than the crib walls.

Let The Room Grow Along With Them

So you don't have to keep changing the decor of your baby’s room as they grow older, as early as their newborn year, invest in furniture and accessories that will last until their teenage years. Items like a fashionable drop lighting, drapes, and furniture like an armchair or stool will be worth it of its price and its sentimental value will grow as well as years pass by.

Chart Their Development

Monitor how fast they increase in size with a growth chart that will let you look back in awe. You can have the chart custom made on your favorite print shop and hang it on your nursery’s wall. List down how many months your baby is in and their respective weight and height. A history chart like this will come in handy for a doctor's appointments and forecasting your monthly budget for baby foods.

Hack A Dresser

Wanting something unique for your precious little ones? DIY a dresser to match the decor of your nursery with paints and wallpapers. Color the facade of the drawers using spray paints from the hardware store. To raise the ante a little further, line the interior of the drawers with various wallpaper prints for a surprise reveal every you open it. For some awesome dressers with matching mirror for your fantabulous baby rooms, check out our online shop here.

Do Your Own Babyproofing

Try googling “DIY baby proofing ideas”, we’ll wait. There’s a lot of DIY ideas for baby safety out there, we already have a schedule to make our top picks list for the most creative and recommended baby proofing hacks for your home. Bookmark our site to keep you posted. And stay tuned for that. 

Make A Diaper Station

The most important of them all, where all the, uhmm, magic happens, the diaper station. Using an open type, multi-layer rack, fashion yourself your own diaper station to get your baby out of a dirty diaper and into a fresh one in just a matter of minutes! Organize everything from cotton swabs, powder, towels, diapers, and ointment in their respective boxes to keep you efficient and your paraphernalia well-organized.

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This post is also available in: Español

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