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Turning Your Basement Into a Man Cave

By Michael's Superstore

January 14, 2020

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Having a dedicated space for yourself (if you’re a man) or for the man in your life where one can just drift away and relax is a necessity in this part of the century. In a career-driven, fashion-driven, social-media-driven world, what on earth is a man cave (basement man cave) and what exactly does it do?

A man cave according to Wikipedia, which by the way can also be endearingly called as a manspace, manland, or mantuary, is ‘a male retreat or sanctuary in a specially-equipped area of a home like a garage or a basement. It is a secluded place for men to relax and do as they please.’ In the realm of a man cave, anything is possible when it comes to design. In creating a laid back man cave haven to match your enviable lifestyle, here are what you can do turn your spare room like your basement into having a full-fledged man cave experience.

Return To Your Roots

If you like old movie posters, bunk beds, and timeless finishes like wood and raw stone, a Vintage Basement Man Cave is for you. It can have anything from suede sectional sofas, fabric colors that match your artwork, and fluffy foot rug for that extra layer of comfort.


For a Simple Basement (Man Cave) design, look no further but with your own excess furniture and appliances to fill your easy-going paradise. Keep it simple with a few family photographs in matching frame, a large flat-screen TV, a recliner, and a cast-iron fireplace. A few overhead accent light should give you all the drama you need.

Uniquify It

In creating a Unique Basement (Man Cave) for yourself, go to a remote island for a week and reflect. When you come back, use what you have learned about yourself and mirror that on the decor of your basement. A suave bar area or a pool table to blow off some steam, perhaps? A loveseat sofa made of a car’s bumper? Sure. Get In touch with yourself and let that dictate what you want for your favorite place.

Go With The Flow

Like yourself a bit of Netflix? A Modern Basement (Man Cave) with a jaw-dropping entertainment center will suit you well. Make it cozy by incorporating a tray-ceiling design with cove-lighting effects and some wall sconces to help you in setting up the mood. Plan your sound system for a truly cinematic experience in the comfort of your own space.

Something More Like The Countryside

Take note, a Rustic Basement (Man Cave) can also be filed under Unkempt Basement Man Cave. Just throw in there literal objects with rust, like a corrugated sheets for your ceiling, used metal doors, wrought iron lamps, and recycled wood for your built-ins. Then invest in authentic furniture pieces made of leather to tie the look together. 

Simple But More Fashion

If your mantra is less is more, then this one's for you: Minimalist Basement (Man Cave). Stick with the bare-essentials but use fashionable yet functional decor. A bar stool that looks fancy? Dining tables that are oh-so-chic? A velvet 3-seater sofa that feels like a bed? Check, check, and check.

Maximize What You Have

Make the most out of your Tiny Basement (Man Cave) by utilizing each nook and cranny as a means of personalizing your decor. Framed jerseys on one wall, a trophy display on the other side, and a few reclining chairs on the floor when your award-winning sports buddies comes by to watch your favorite films. To enjoy a real theater-like experience, install your projector on the ceiling to save on your space.

Live Large

If you have a rather expansive basement, a Large Basement (Man Cave) will allow you to do more activities. A home theater, a bar area, a kitchenette with dining furniture, and sports equipment like a mini gym or table tennis are just some of the many things you can fill your very own private getaway. Keep it classy with the use of your decor by letting it tell a story from one area to another. The use of the color scheme and being selective with your furniture styling would be a big help.

Sunglasses Needed

Having a man cave doesn’t mean your basement needs to be dark and prehistoric. To achieve a Bright Basement (Man Cave) design, keep your ceiling, walls, and floor in the same light tone like ivory or cream. A lot of lights will help but overdoing it may affect your electric bills. And for your furniture, finishes in neutral tones such as beige and light grey are your best options.

More Cowbell

For a domesticated man, a Barn Basement  would feel more like an extension of one’s self. The simplicity of the design, the functionality of the furniture, and the spacious room itself will ease you up in a snap. Coordinate your ceiling, walls, and floors using the same wood finishes and accents to achieve the look.

Caveman In The City

Likes to hang out but would rather do it at home? An Urban Basement (Man Cave) sounds like your type of mantuary. A bar area, neon signs, and leather seatings in an old-world setting will make you feel you have your own resto-bar right down on your basement. 

Anyone else feels the urge to transform your basement area into a man cave right this instant? Head on to our online shop here at Michael’s Superstore to see our refined furniture collection, entertainment centers, and home decor items to help you make a man cave with an x-factor out of your basements.

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