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Accents For Your Bathroom Styling

By Michael's Superstore

January 21, 2020

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With limited clearances and various toiletries jockeying for shelf space, it's easy to see why your small bathrooms have lost their allure. But don’t let that deter you, a few handy tricks in decorating your compact bathroom will not only make it feel more luxurious but also make it more functional (bathroom styling).

In conceptualizing your home’s bathroom design, picture yourself in an enclosed space where everything looks fancy and fine. And that means no with the mosaic tiles and don’t even bother with a lavish ceramic soap holder. Here are what you should get instead to elevate the sophistication of your bathroom space:

Glowing Mirror

Like a hypnotic moon in a dark sky, a round mirror with glowing edges will make such a mesmerizing addition to any style of bathroom. To maximize the effect, pair it with a round bath rug in the same size and contrasting color of your floor finish.

Skinny Frames Shower Enclosure    

Nothing says sophistication than a whole expanse of transparent glass with skinny black metal frames to separate your shower from the rest of the area. Reinforce the dramatic effect by utilizing recessed spotlights on key areas instead of using general illumination.

Levitating Bench

To create a levitating bench effect, you should have a built-in bench either made of stone or wood fixed on the walls of your shower area. Then a strip of waterproof LED light underneath the seat will make the bench appear as if it's floating. A shower niche with a recessed LED light also makes a great accompaniment to this futuristic feature.

Protruding Marble Wall

If your flush toilet has an exposed mechanism that you would rather see hidden, take this as an opportunity to create a wall highlight. Enclose the sanitation pipes with a stone cladding like marble or granite to create a well-designed space for your daily dejection drill.

Tropical Blinds

In a bathroom’s design, the amount of natural lighting it can accommodate is often limited by the privacy it offers. To have the best of both worlds, pair your big glass window with a matching window blinds that sports a trees and plants print. Birds, beaches, and floral prints are also favorable.

Black Toilet Fixture

Reflect the finer things in life with contrasting toilet fixtures on your ultra-modern white bathroom interior (bathroom styling). With the simple lines and minimalist details of your bathroom, it will jive perfectly with black steel faucets, showerheads, and robe hooks to create a Zen-inspired shower area.

Green Wall

Standing in a class of its own, a feature wall with live indoor plants is the ultimate highlight anyone can achieve in creating an outdoor-style bathroom design. Planned well, it can also attribute to the design sustainability of your home by recycling used and excess water.

Sink Ledge in Wood    

Nothing beats a tasteful addition of natural elements into your bathroom interiors and for that much-needed functional accent, incorporate a wooden ledge on top of your sink to hold your toiletries. A fantastic design facet, this is an easy way to using an organic material in a sea of synthetic and man-made finishes.

Copper Light Fixture

Imparting a sensual vibe into your bathroom style is the aim of light fixtures made of copper. The classic, chic look can disrupt even the monotonous appearance of mostly painted bathroom walls. Mix and match different sizes and shapes to add variety and layer to your styling.

Wooden Stools

Introduce a timeless piece of furniture into your bathroom  (bathroom styling), something that can withstand moisture, like a solid wood stool. As a functional accent, stools in wood stain finish will work beautifully with different décor styles, perfect in creating a personalized look for your favorite sanctuary.

Rustic Backsplash

An exquisite addition to inject personality and character to your home, install a backsplash behind your sink made of rough stone. Illuminated above, the wash of light on your wall will highlight the peaks and lows of the surface creating a play on light and shadow. Pro tip: along with a spotlight focusing on your sink and toilet fixture, cove lights will also help set the mood of your bathroom comparable to an art gallery.

Pink Wood

Investing in style doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function. Enter a pink wood backsplash in a herringbone pattern. Unlike the rustic backsplash mentioned above that is more of a masculine style, a pink backsplash made of water-resistant wood makes an appealing eye-candy for a small bathroom, like a powder room. Accessorize it with two designer pendant lights on both sides and a wall-mounted sink cabinet for a well-thought look.

Elongated Mirrors

Showcase your delectable taste in fine and functional accents using elongated mirrors on top of your sink. Whether you have a high-ceiling bathroom or a wide sink area, the simplicity of modern oblong-shaped mirrors would work well in any type of bathroom interior design. Its clean lines and out of ordinary shape is the perfect addition to lend sophistication to your bathroom styling that will not break your budget.

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