11 Bathroom Design Inspirations For Your New Home

Furniture Store in Whittier Bathroom Design Inspirations For Your New Home

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Your bathroom (bathroom design) may not be as big and as spacious as you want it to be, but don’t let that deter you in giving your favorite space the lavish look it deserves. 

Creating the design of your bathroom given the limitations it presents, can be one of the most satisfying experiences you will feel, especially if you will be able to successfully implement your design. For some, the size and layout of the bathroom area can be dictated when planning and building a new home, while the rest of the population might have to make the most out of what an already built house, apartment, or any rental space has to offer. Regardless of the size and existing condition of the toilet area, if you’re looking for some design inspiration to convert your drab bathroom into a luxurious and jazzy looking, from top-to-bottom, here are some interesting advice and recommendations straight from the pros.


Creating an out of the box for your bathroom design only takes a little imagination and some practicality. Thinking of a full-wall backsplash behind your sink? A red brick wall will glow nicely with an accent lighting behind a rectangular wall-to-wall mirror that is attached to it. Match it with cement-tiles for the rest of the walls, black-and-white Spanish tiles for the flooring, and a piece of freshly cut leaf in a small white vase to complete the look. 


To maintain a clean, all-white look for your serene bathroom, complement your ivory-white wall tiles and floor tiles with a custom-made sink made of color-coordinated synthetic stone. Ditch the shower curtain and put in place a floor-to-ceiling glass divider with a thin, black steel frame to keep the water coming out of the shower. Then place a potted plant by the window to add color.


While keeping in tone with tranquility and calm, a Scandinavian-style bathroom design mostly feature organic elements like wood that grounds it's aesthetic and makes it more approachable. To achieve that look on your bathroom space, a wooden vanity countertop would make a great contrast to white retro tiles on your walls and floors. Furniture like a table or stool would make a functional addition in this setting. For more furniture ideas you can add to your bathroom, check out our shop here.


We are not talking about the typical blue color you might be thinking right now. For a more sophisticated bathroom that falls under the spectrum of blue, accentuate your bathroom walls with deep aquamarine blue tiles or cover half of your walls with a Caribbean Azure paint color. This deep teal blue would make a fascinating counterpoint to a rustic wooden countertop, grey tile flooring, or synthetic stone backsplashes. 


Speaking of stones, utilizing marble stones for your bathroom area will instantly adds glamour to the space. Kick it up a notch with small tricky modifications here and there, like a glowing light behind your mirror, a full-length mirror with gold trimmings, or a crystal chandelier.

Rustic Stones

Want more texture for a rustic-style look inside your shower area? Cover your walls with rugged stone wall tiles, the ones that are mostly used for the exterior of the house or as casements on fireplaces. Slate stone tiles would also make an interesting fit. For a more exquisite use of raw stones, clad all sides and top of your vanity table with white rough marble to make it appear like it is one big chunk of stone.


Fascinated by a black bathroom wall? We can’t see why not. Achieve a seamless black wall with the use of semi-gloss black paint. Set an off-center big round mirror on top of your wall-mounted wooden counter with white marble top and let your mirror glow like the mysterious moon.


How about a hint of traditional style you say? Utilize ready-made moldings from the hardware and install it on your bathroom wall like a shaker-style wall panel. Apply your favorite moisture-resistant wallpaper inside the frame for a custom look that is exclusively yours.


Jump on the ongoing trend and convert your whole toilet space into a New-York style industrial bathroom using pipes, exposed wall concrete, wood, and black color scheme. Given there are pipes in your bathroom, might as well take advantage of it and incorporate it as a decor. Edison light bulbs with its soft glow and appealing form will work well in this type of bathroom design. Exposed wall bricks matched with black metals and wooden shelves will reinforce the look you are going for.


Fancy a spa-like, hotel feel ambiance right inside your toilet area? Add a few accent light hanging from the ceiling and match it with black toilet fixture against a flat white wall. Need more glamour? Compliment your white walls and black trimmings with white tile flooring and black tile border. Keep it fresh with clear, glass windows to flood the area with natural light. Then amplify the chic vibe with an accent chair to supplement your vanity table. Visit our online shop here to see some wonderful chairs for your bathroom area and for the rest of your home.

Space Saving

Constricted bathroom area? Your lavatory sink doesn’t need to be deep as you will only use it for brushing your teeth and washing your face. There are sink models now that are half the depth than the standard size sink comes with. Need more drama in your narrow toilet area? Some colorful vintage style tiles on the wall behind your water closet will instantly infuse pizzazz to that space.

Whatever style you are thinking for your bathroom design, we hope some of these ideas have helped. Check out the rest of our blog for more design ideas and decorating tips that will surely enhance your home.

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This post is also available in: Español

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