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Me and My Darling Bed: Bed Sizing Guide

By Michael's Superstore

December 21, 2019

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In getting a good sleep at night, your bed and mattresses play a crucial role in giving you the right amount of slumber time. But not quite. If you feel an aching back every time you wake up, it could mean that your mattress is not delivering you the support that you expect it to be. One reason that could be is that your bed is undersized. As the bed and mattress lay the foundation for a relaxing, continuous sleep, here are the typical bed sizes you need to know when shopping for the right bed size for your home.

Small Single Bed Or Cot

With dimensions of 30 x 75 inches, a cot or a small single bed are perfect for babies and toddlers use. With this bed size as a primer for your children’s sleeping needs, you can still use it once your baby outgrows it and entered its toddler years.

Twin Bed

For young kids that are starting to be less depended on their cribs and onto a standard width bed, a twin bed is also recommended for use by single adults in a compact dwellings. As its size is 8 inches wider than a cot at 38 x 75 inches, you can also find this size used as daybeds and bunk beds. Pro tip: Place two pieces of this bed size side-by-side to create a regular king size bed if you want to be flexible with your guest bedroom setup. You can always detach each other to give each sleeper their own space or keep it large for a sharing couple.

Twin XL

A bed quite longer than a regular twin bed, a twin XL boost an additional 5 inches length bringing it to a 38 x 80 inches dimension. Perfect for taller sleepers, a bed this long usually comes with an adjustable bed frame. Like the twin bed, combine two twin XL to make an adjustable King XL bed setup for your very tall guests.


A 54 x 75 inches bed size, a full or double bed is perfect for a single sleeper who wants a spacious bed for their use, as well as for parents who sleep beside their kids or pets. As this does not offer extra legroom unlike its XL counterpart, this will lay perfectly for a limited space bedroom that takes into consideration the traffic flow around it.

Full XL

If you want a queen size bed but your room has its space restrictions, a full XL with dimensions of 54 x 80 inches are more than enough for a single user or for couples who need extra legroom. Also called as double XL, it is 6 inches shorter than your typical queen bed. With its extra leg space, this bed is perfect for your cats and dogs to cuddle in with you.


Mostly used for marital bedrooms, the 60 x 80 inches queen bed is the gold standard for most hotel accommodations, with the king in second and full bed in third place. As this size is larger than the previous two standard variations mentions above, the space this bed requires is of course in parallel with its dimension. Pro tip: get the right size of the bed that scales down to the size of your area for a visually appealing bedroom.

Olympic Queen

6 Inches wider than a standard queen bed, an Olympic queen commands at 66 x 80 inches bed size. If you and your sleeping buddy need more bed space but don’t want to invest on a regular king bed, the Olympic queen is a great compromise. For its rarity, some bed stores need this pre-ordered for production. Check your favorite furniture store for its availability.


The bed fit for a king, this very spacious bed wows at 76 x 80 inches and offers the relaxation you need in every square inch. A great choice for couples with sleepless aims and legs, this expansive bed equates to a two twin bed merged, giving each half the right amount of personal space for their beauty rest.

California King

With a whopping dimension of 72 x 84 inches, no wonder Rihanna feels her lover are thousand miles from her. Kidding aside, as this bed is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than your regular size king bed, it would make a perfect sleeping haven for taller individuals.  Also called as “King Long" or "Western King" in Europe, its other local names in North America are "West Coast King" or "WC King" or "Cal King”.

There you have it, the most common bed sizes available in most furniture and bed stores in the US. If you are not sure what size to get for your specific bedroom size, just measure the room and plan your bed layout on a piece of paper. 

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This post is also available in: Español

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