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Color Palettes And What They Say About Your Bedroom Space

By Michael's Superstore

October 5, 2019

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Looking for design inspirations for your bedroom and the meaning behind colors? You have found the best place to get your much-needed nugget of wisdom.

In styling your bedroom, choosing what color to paint your walls is a step that can make or break your design. Perhaps the strongest element you can incorporate into your bedroom decor, the right color scheme can change what you feel almost instantly. Taking the time to research the best color pallet for your bedroom that appeals to you, and sticking with it can make a huge difference in your daily mood. You'll feel more relaxed, sleep more soundly and thus wake up feeling more refreshed. That alone is a good reason enough to put colors on your bedroom.

As all good psychologists and marketers know, color influences human perceptions. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange evoke a variety of emotion from comfort to hostility. Cool colors like green, blue, and purple brings on the feeling of tranquility, calm as well as sadness. In choosing what colors to apply for your bedroom, knowing what each color symbolizes can help you determine the right hue that draws most to you. Read on below to know more about what colors represent and learn what is favorable for your bedroom setup.


Wanting to spice things up in the bedroom area? A red bedroom exudes lust, love, excitement, and passion. Paint your walls in a muted red and keep your ceiling in plain white to give your bedroom a dashing appeal. Go for crimson if you need something more potent. For furniture, a set of wooden bedroom furniture pieces in a stained cherry finish makes a mouth-watering accent to any color scheme. Need more bedroom furniture ideas to liven up your space? Check out our shop here.


A bedroom wall painted in a hue of orange spells fun and comfort, while also being in the spectrum of warm and sensual. A combination of yellow and red, the amalgamation of the physical and the emotional makes orange a well-rounded color perfect for a bedroom that is flooded with natural light in the morning and strategically-lit in the evening.


Signifying joy, happiness, and optimism, yellow-colored walls are perfect for a kids bedroom or a small family bedroom. Reminiscent of the morning sunshine and summer vacations, indoor plants such as monstera and silom makes a great home accessory, along with other tropical prints on the cushions and wallpapers.


Generally perceived as nature-inspired, a literal green wall -that is a wall painted in green- will ooze balance, harmony, and peace onto your bedroom. Perfect for city dwellers who are tired of the concrete jungle, going home in a green bedroom is a welcome respite that will relax you daily. Take a step further and incorporate a vertical indoor garden inside your bedroom to maximize the effect.


Normally associated with masculinity, peace, and tranquility, different hues of blues like teal symbolize sophistication while dark blue represents confidence. The calming effect of blue can help lower respiration and blood pressure. For stressed office workers and busy housewives with kids, this is the color you might want to consider to use in your private oasis.


As a reminder of your wisdom and spirituality, a pop of color that ranges from indigo, purple and violet should make its way onto your graceful and elegant bedroom styling. Noble and yet mysterious, these set of colors is authoritative enough to command anyone’s attention so use sparingly.

Earth Colors

Earth colors, also known as neutral colors, are often associated with nature and landscape. Think of safari-inspired homes or Scandinavian-style apartments to see the range this color scheme can go to. Symbolizing simplicity and comfort, stick in one tint or shade to tie things up and make a coherent statement in your bedroom. Follow the 60-30-10 rule of color palettes (60% dominant color, 30% secondary color or texture, 10% accent color) for proper color designation.


Taking advantage of a single color and making the most out of it not only will make your design coherent but the design of your bedroom consistent as well. With any of your chosen color above and using its shades, tones and tints can help extend your color scheme and add interest to your decor. Tints are achieved by adding white and shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker color, grey or black. Again, the 60-30-10 color rule will also come in handy in this scenario.


Drawing inspirations from colors in nature do not mean you are stuck with a lot of greys and browns. Nature also offers other vibrant color combination that when used in full saturation creates an energetic vibe that is easy on the eyes. Take for example, yellows and violets, greens and reds, and blues and oranges. The merger of these high contrast of colors can be perceived in different ways than those identified above and is comparable to a black and white color scheme: the perfect balance that is yin and yang. 


For a more bolder look for your bedroom styling, implementing a tertiary color scheme has proven to be popular among designers and artists as it results to a lot of wonderful works that are out of the norm. Two-name colors as they are often referred to, colors like red-violet, red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green-blue-green, and blue-violet, borrow their meaning from the dominant color with more emphasis on its positive association. Go easy on the brushes and choose the ones that speak more to you.

Whatever color you choose for your bedroom, the only important thing to remember is how it influences you, the main user of the space. There is no right or wrong in choosing the perfect color: color is a matter of perception.

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This post is also available in: Español

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