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Fabulous Bonus Rooms And Flex Rooms Ideas

By Michael's Superstore

November 9, 2019

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Moving into a new house or apartment is such a wonderful experience that sometimes, a new resident might find themselves learning about a few good surprises. One of which is uncovering an extra room in the house that you didn’t know exist before you moved-in. If this has happened to you, here are a few questions you might be thinking right now: what can you do with this bonus room/rooms? Can you make it a flex room instead? What is the difference between the two?

First of all, let’s define what a Bonus Room is VS what a Flex Room is. In interior verbiage, bonus rooms are often the result of downsizing an existing room leaving you with an extra space that may or may not meet local building code requirements for a standard room. Usage of this room can either be temporary or long term. Flex rooms, on the other hand, is a space that can be used for a variety of function, pretty much like a den but on a short-term basis. Like today, your flex room can be used as a breakfast area for your guests, next week as a game room for your colleagues. 

Now that we have established the distinction between a bonus room and a flex room, here are some fantastic inspirations to make the most out of these small spaces.

Bonus Rooms    

A Nursery. For a couple starting to grow or expanding their family lineup, a small area like this might be able to accommodate a nursery room, given that it is spacious enough for your baby's basic needs. All you need is a crib, a clothes drawer, a changing table, and a rocking chair and you are all set. Keep the wall colors light and fun to make the space appear bigger than it seems.

A Study Room. If you have children that are older and goes to school, a boxy-type room like this would make a fitting study area so they can concentrate on their lessons. Just equip the room with a writing desk, a writing chair, some bookcases or shelves mounted on the wall to organize their books. If the space is irregularly shaped, DIY a wall-to-wall ledge to make a makeshift study table.

A Home Office. For parents who bring their workload back home or for anyone who works in a full-time online freelancing gig at home, you can easily make a fully-functional home office out of your bonus room. All you need is a desk, a chair, some tables for fax and printers, and some bookcases to complete the look. For more fabulous office furniture for your home and other areas of your residence, check out the wonderful furniture selection we carry by clicking here.

A Living Room Extension. Rather than a living room extension, imagine your bonus room more like a receiving area for your guests. What you will need is a pair of fully padded armchairs, a matching coffee and side tables, and some stylish lamps. Crown the space with a crystal chandelier for a bit of class.

A Laundry Room. If you don’t have it already, you might as well have one in your home and save yourself the weekly trip of dropping your dirty clothes to the laundromat. A pair of washer and dryer, which by the way can be placed on top of one another, some ledges and a collapsible table for folding your laundry. An optional iron and ironing board would make a practical addition as well.

A Guest Bedroom. If it is big enough to fit a bed AND you happen to have a common toilet and bath somewhere in your house, maximize the potential of your bonus room and convert it into an extra bedroom. All you need is a bed, a night table, a dresser, a mirror, and a lamp. Photograph it in just the right angles and it could be a big hit in AirBnB.

Flex Rooms   

A Music Room. Could it be that the next American Idol is right there inside your house? Hone their music muscles with the right instruments inside your music room like a piano, flute, violin, guitar, harmonica, etc., the list could go on. For some effective soundproofing advice, check out our post on how to soundproof your room.

A Craft Room. If your creativity falls under the spectrum of physical arts, turn your flex room into an impromptu craft room. Your organization skills would make such good use on this by keeping your supplies on perfectly labeled boxes for easy storing and moving. You might want to invest in a trolley or one of those plastic storage boxes with wheels on this one.

A Home Gym. Now we are flexing! This can’t be stressed enough but everyone should be doing exercise. In creating a home gym for such a small space, there is no need to invest in bulky fitness equipment. There is a lot of other gym equipment that uses tension wire to equate the same effect of lifting weights. Home yoga and video aerobics also fall into this category.

A Reading Nook. Perfect for the casual readers or dedicated bookworms, a mini-library would make the best hang-out place inside your home to focus on reading your favorite hardbound novels and e-books. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts are also welcome in this haven. An armchair is all you need to accompany you on your adventure. Check out our online shop for really cool armchairs for your reading nook.

A Collectors’ Room. For avid collector of any item, be it books, superheroes figures, sports cards, toy cars and the like, a temporary room like a flex room makes a great showcase room to display your growing hoard of accumulated treasures. Glass cases on wheels, with or without lights, is basically what you need along with the rest of your prized collections.

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This post is also available in: Español

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