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6 Helpful Tips In Buying Furniture Online

By Michael's Superstore

December 24, 2019

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When moving to an unfurnished house or apartment, the conventional way of filling your home with furniture is buying from your nearest furniture dealer and choosing from the furniture selection they carry. If the style and design you are looking for is not available, you hop on to the next furniture store until you find your ideal furniture.

In today's day and age, shopping furniture online has been a big help in furnishing a home without leaving your house. Searching and buying furniture online has become a way of living for most designers and savvy homemakers. Furniture from sofa set, bed set, and dining set can now be easily bought online, along with other small furniture pieces like chairs, stools, desks, and bookshelves, as well as other home decor and accessories.

To guide you in buying furniture online and minimize the disappointment of getting furniture that is ill-fitting for your home, here are some helpful tips you can do to make your online shopping more enjoyable and fruitful.

Plan Your Room

The first step you can do before you head on to your favorite online furniture store is to identify the furniture you need. In your bedroom, for example, you might want a king-size bed along with a nite table, dresser, and a vanity desk. If those are your furniture requirements, then you have to make sure that those will fit in your room. This is where you need to map out the size of the room so you can layout your furniture pieces. To easily map your room, using a steel tape measure, get all the wall length of your room and plot it in scale in a piece of paper. When you scale down, you can use 1 inch on paper for every 1 foot in actual, or something to that effect. This way, you can also scale down the size of your furniture in the later steps below. In plotting the layout of your room, don’t forget to map out the location of doors and windows, as well as any protruding columns and hollowed niches. 

Check Furniture Dimension

Now that you have your room layout, consult the sizes of the furniture you are eyeing on. Most online furniture store today has the dimensions of their furniture published along with the description of the item. Like what you did previously with the size of the room, scale down the size of the furniture on your room map to see if every furniture you want will fit into the area. Be wary, however, as not all specific type of furniture have the same sizes: a 3-seater sofa can come in a variety of sizes and configuration, so is a bed’s frame. A bed usually gets bigger if the headboard and footboard are intricately designed, therefore, a sleigh bed is usually longer than your typical four-poster bed. List down the sizes of all your furniture candidates and lay them out on your floor plan until you get a solid furniture layout based on the actual dimension of the room and the sizes of the furniture.

Consider Foot Traffic Around Your Furniture

If you have a furniture layout, you have to make sure that not only the furniture is well-placed, but the foot traffic around your furniture in your room is also taken into consideration. In general, your furniture should not hinder you from going from point A to B. Allow standard width passageways between your furniture items or between your furniture and walls. If you have a disabled person in the house that uses a wheelchair, the passageways needed to be wider. For a better understanding of what the standard clearances are, check out the ADA Standards for Accessible Design for more information on this subject.

Verify If The Furniture Will Fit Your Doors And Hallways

In planning your home layout, you also need to make sure that the furniture you will buy online will be able to fit through your doorways and corridors. Nothing is more frustrating than buying furniture whether online or in store only to find out that it cannot get through your entrance. Think of Ross from the TV show ‘Friends’ and his iconic pivot scene. Again, your due diligence in measurement is the key.

Consult Your Color Scheme

After you are done with your furniture sizing as well as your room layout, you can then proceed to the best part: shopping for furniture. However, if you want a unified look for your home and visual aesthetic is part of your furniture checklist, check on your color board first for what can be the best fabric color for your new upholstered sofa or the wood stain for your 4-post bed.

Imagine The Furniture With The Rest Of Your Decor

When you see a certain furniture piece that already matches the size that you need and the color that you want, picture it alongside with the other furniture pieces you need to buy or the ones you already have in your home. Do they blend well? Or are they in the right proportion? Those are some of the questions you should ask yourself to better decide if the furniture is what you really want. Examine the photos in the online store very carefully so you will not have any surprises when you receive and open your order. Ask for more actual photos if you have to.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, when buying furniture online you also have to consider how you will maintain the furniture, the availability of the stock, and the online store’s return policy, as well as read the product reviews, among others. Knowing these before you go to checkout with your shopping cart will keep you from stressing in case the furniture you ordered is not what you are expecting. With a bit of luck and persistence, you will be able to find the best furniture you need for your home in no time.

For some amazing furniture, home decor and accessories to fill each room of your dwellings, don’t sweat yourself and check out our quality furniture selection here in Michael's Superstore. Our wide array of beautiful furniture and home furnishing will surely enhance the design cred of your space.

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