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Quick Guide To Picking The Perfect Rug For Your Home

By Michael's Superstore / May 5, 2020

A perfect rug can turn any space into the prettiest area of your home. Interior designers suggest the use of rugs in every house, whether big or small. Traditionally, rugs were not so popular as a decorative accessory. The rug market was very limited then and it was difficult to find a huge variety of […]


Accents For Your Bathroom Styling

By Michael's Superstore / January 21, 2020

With limited clearances and various toiletries jockeying for shelf space, it’s easy to see why your small bathrooms have lost their allure. But don’t let that deter you, a few handy tricks in decorating your compact bathroom will not only make it feel more luxurious but also make it more functional (bathroom styling). In conceptualizing […]


15 Iconic Lamp Ideas For Your Bedrooms

By Michael's Superstore / January 11, 2020

lampHome accessories are like pieces of jewelry to an outfit: they complete “the look”. Table lamps, however, are much more than accessories (lamp design). The added function is indispensable and most times, are right down necessary for the room. In supplementing the decor of your master bedroom or guest bedroom, here are some lamp ideas […]


Stools, Poufs, and Ottomans Style Guide

By Michael's Superstore / January 7, 2020

If you need to expand the seating area for your home, it is difficult to narrow the choices with what is available. You have your standard, out-of-the-box multi-seater options like a sofa, sectionals, couch, loveseat, divan, daybed and so forth. Then for a single capacity seating, there’s a wide variety of chair and armchair designs […]


12 Ideas on Picking Out The Best Accent Chairs

By Michael's Superstore / August 3, 2019

Getting the perfect accent chair for your bedroom or living room area can easily make or break the aesthetics and sophistication of your home. Not only it will punctuate the style of your interior, the right accent chairs can also make a great resting place after a long day at work or if you just […]