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Turning Your Basement Into a Man Cave

By Michael's Superstore / January 14, 2020

Having a dedicated space for yourself (if you’re a man) or for the man in your life where one can just drift away and relax is a necessity in this part of the century. In a career-driven, fashion-driven, social-media-driven world, what on earth is a man cave (basement man cave) and what exactly does it […]


Modern Basement Ideas: Our Top Picks

By Michael's Superstore / December 10, 2019

Looking for modern design inspirations for your basement (basement ideas)? We got you covered. As homemakers and DIY designers, creating a homey environment for yourself can be a form of stress-relief that ends with a desirable benefit. In today’s home, the efficiency and usability of the space can be attributed to the modernity of its […]


Finding Inspirations: Polishing The Design Of Your Basement Area

By Michael's Superstore / October 15, 2019

BASEMENT DESIGN: It may not be the most favorite part of the house (except, well, literally), but the basement area can surprisingly be the most adaptable space when it comes to flexing your design muscles. You can repurpose your basement to become an extension of your living room, guest room, dining area, kitchen, and so […]