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Creative Patio Design Tips and Tricks For Summer

By Michael's Superstore / June 9, 2020

A well-thought-out patio design provides a perfect balance of comfort and entertainment. You can spend quality time with your family members, celebrate your kids’ birthdays, and throw exciting dinner parties in a well-furnished patio. Yes, there is little doubt that a furnished patio offers you more than what you ask for. But decorating and organizing […]


Designing Kids’ Rooms: Space-Saving Decorating Tips

By Michael's Superstore / February 4, 2020

Designing kids’ rooms is fun and challenging especially when you’re working with a small space! Space-saving has become a foundation of interior design in today’s crowded world due to the increasing constructions all around. So, you will always have to compromise on space even if you want to have an extravagant apartment with all the […]


13 Elegant Home Library Design Ideas

By Michael's Superstore / January 18, 2020

Books are not only for the mind, people. Books, novels, and hardbound-covered magazines are excellent home decor accessories that will lend a meaningful character to your space and gives an insight into your personality. As a design feature, your books and any reading materials displayed beautifully will enhance the appeal of the room it is […]


11 Posh Traditional-style Family Room Design Ideas

By Michael's Superstore / January 4, 2020

The family room is an integral part of any home. Whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a one-bedroom apartment, this area is a haven for the family who likes to hang out together, including the family pets. As far as entertaining guests is concerned, your family room (family room design ideas) can be […]


9 Knockout Design Ideas For A Modern Living Room Area

By Michael's Superstore / December 14, 2019

In today’s modern architecture, the living room (modern living room design) can be identified as the most important part of a residential dwelling. Often called the heart of the home, the living room is used mainly for self-relaxation like watching TV or resting, as well as for entertaining guests.Sometimes called a lounge, a sitting room, […]


Designing The Best Family Room That Everyone Will Enjoy

By Michael's Superstore / October 22, 2019

Having a well-designed family room (family room design) is important. The significant reason behind that statement is that family rooms are very representative of the people who use it. A well-thought design of a family room allows each member of the family enjoys it whether alone or together, like reading books by themselves or hanging […]


Season Your Den With These 13 Glorious Furniture Selection

By Michael's Superstore / September 7, 2019

A quick Wikipedia search defines ‘den’ as ‘a small room in the house where people can pursue activities in private’. True enough, den is often used as an extension of the living room to entertain guests, or as an informal room to watch TV with the family, or as a private study area and home office. […]

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