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Creative Patio Design Tips and Tricks For Summer

By Michael's Superstore / June 9, 2020

A well-thought-out patio design provides a perfect balance of comfort and entertainment. You can spend quality time with your family members, celebrate your kids’ birthdays, and throw exciting dinner parties in a well-furnished patio. Yes, there is little doubt that a furnished patio offers you more than what you ask for. But decorating and organizing […]


6 Design Tips For An Eye-Catching Entryway

By Michael's Superstore / June 2, 2020

While decorating the house or apartment, the homeowners often miss the entryways. Since entryways are very crucial, you should never ignore them as they are what guests see first. To make a fantastic impression on your guests, make your entryways appealing. The entryway of the house represents your style and taste. It is crucial to […]


7 Handy And Doable Tips For Buying Furniture Online

By Michael's Superstore / May 26, 2020

Today, you can get anything and everything on the internet. Technology has completely changed our lifestyle, and we prefer buying furniture online rather than going to physical stores. Sitting on your couch, you can get almost everything you see in your home with just one click. Now, if we talk about furniture, you can get […]


9 Must-Try Tips When Accessorizing Your Home

By Michael's Superstore / April 28, 2020

When it comes to accessorizing your home, you always feel over the moon and get excited to shop all the things which can make it look beautiful. Now, to add a personality to your place, you can add different stuff. It is very similar to accessorizing yourself with various decorative items. You can accessorize your […]


10 Luxurious Foyer Design Inspirations

By Michael's Superstore / January 25, 2020

Almost any homeowner has that urge from time to time: to wow their guests every time they set their foot right pass the main door threshold and into the foyer. The mix emotions of amazement and surprise from people we either love or trying to one-up makes it worth our while in spending our time […]


6 Helpful Tips In Buying Furniture Online

By Michael's Superstore / December 24, 2019

When moving to an unfurnished house or apartment, the conventional way of filling your home with furniture is buying from your nearest furniture dealer and choosing from the furniture selection they carry. If the style and design you are looking for is not available, you hop on to the next furniture store until you find […]


Me and My Darling Bed: Bed Sizing Guide

By Michael's Superstore / December 21, 2019

In getting a good sleep at night, your bed and mattresses play a crucial role in giving you the right amount of slumber time. But not quite. If you feel an aching back every time you wake up, it could mean that your mattress is not delivering you the support that you expect it to […]


Appealing Illumination Ideas To Liven Up Your Hallway

By Michael's Superstore / November 23, 2019

Installing the right lighting in your hallway is necessary: it helps people see their way and thus prevent any bumps and accidents. Lighting your hallway the right way, on the other hand, can be compared to the proverbial icing on the cake or the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae: it amplifies the […]

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