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11 Guidelines In Choosing The Right Carpet Style For Your Living Room

By Michael's Superstore

August 15, 2019

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With the ongoing trends in styling your home with expensive carpets and designer rugs, the only reason that could be holding you back is budget. And cleaning maintenance. And your pets. And a few other million reasons we can think of. Even though you may have a few restrictions why not to use a carpet in your living room, a handy carpet guide like this makes a great ally to give you an idea on what to consider when you decided to purchase a floor covering for your home.

There are tons of carpet designs out there for a wide variety of home styling and for an experienced buyer that relies on aesthetic, we are sure you can easily find the one that suits the decor of your nest. Having an eye for design, of course, is essential in magnifying the flair of home, but for new homemakers or designers that needs someone to hold their hand in buying their first-ever carpet, then we are here to help.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or you are a seasoned carpet rug hoarder, check out our some of the wonderful tips we have listed below in buying floor carpets for your living room.

Pale or white carpets and rugs

If your living room wall is all painted in white as well as your furniture, a safe bet to follow is to match the rug with the drapes. If you have a sheer curtain installed, then go ahead with a generally white carpet with minimal prints to maintain a clean, delicate look. If you opt to have a darker colored carpet on a white interior, make do so by incorporating a few accents that will go with the color of the rug.

Wall-to-wall carpet

If you are trying to achieve a more Scandinavian look for your living room, a carpet installed from wall-to-wall appears to “vanish” as it becomes the flooring. The comfort a carpet provides is still there without disturbing the ecosystem of your design. 

Carpet rug on floor tiles

For homeowners and apartment dwellers who chose to use ceramic tiles in a simulated wood finish to maintain an organic look for their home with the ease of maintenance, a carpet would make a great addition to lessen the coldness of the floor when you walk barefoot in your living room. An easy to maintain nylon carpet just need a few runs with a vacuum to remove the allergens and loose hairs from your furry pets.

Shag carpet

A shag carpet, those with long fringes or filament, would make a great way to elevate the chic appeal of your residence. An evident advantage in using a shag carpet is when you want to cover a big floor area and the hairy fibers will help hide the seams in between. Just look for the one with excellent stain resistance as some carpet with long fibers can sometimes be difficult to maintain.

Carpet rug with prints

For compact living room spaces, a great way to add comfort and play with perspective is to have a carpet underneath your furniture layout with small prints design. Like using wallpaper on your wall with small prints, a rug with minimal design helps make the room feel larger. For spacious receiving area, bigger prints equate to bolder style.

Plain carpet

Most of the​ rug you will find today is designed with patterns that will place perfectly in a wide range of living room interiors, from traditional to modern home styling. The design of the carpet may affect its production cost. When purchasing carpets like these, try to consider if the design is something that will be appreciated, especially in an interior with limited space. Why pay for extra if you will get the same comfort from a cheaper rug in plain colors?

Persian rugs

When it comes to styling your living room, you will never go wrong with an authentic Persian rug. Making it works with the rest of your living room decor may come a bit of a challenge especially when your interior is on a spectrum of minimalism, but if you’re the type who enjoys cleaning or can afford to pay for someone to do the cleaning for you, a Persian rug is a stylish choice you should never miss. 

Carpet tiles

As previously mentioned in item #2 above, if you want to make your carpet disappear while maintaining the comfort it offers, using a carpet tile is an alternative solution you can implement. With a wide range of available style other than plain, you can customize the look by combining different tile colors for your living room floor.

Round carpets

For non-conforming apartment dwellers or out-of-the-box-type designers, circular or oval shape carpets help add interest to your living room styling thru shape. A round ​rug can help define the space and also makes a great visual guide for arranging your furniture in a more intimate setting.

Dark-colored carpets

Whatever your preference is, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using carpets with dark colors. One thing to consider is maintenance. Dirt may not be easily seen however, that will make you clean it less frequent.

Jute carpet

Jute carpets have its moments. A great way to amplify the tropical vibe of your home or to introduce the outdoors into your living room, a carpet made from jute fibers are considered environment-friendly and non-allergenic. If you have kids or pets, jute carpets are something you should consider to put inside your sanctuary. With proper maintenance, jute carpets, as well as the rest of the carpet in this list, can go a long way before reaching the end of their life span.

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This post is also available in: Español

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