Refresh Your Bathroom Style With These 15 Decorating Tips

Furniture Store in Los Angeles Refresh Your Bathroom Style With These 15 Decorating Tips decor bathroom tips

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We all know a well-kept bathroom is essential in a home. But do you really need it as fashion-forward as it can be?

For some, a nice personal bathroom is a must. It is the first place you walk into in the morning to help you prepare for a long day at work and the last place you go before you dose off into the night. And of course, throughout the day it is the place where you relieve your self from various discomfort.

In rejuvenating the look of your favorite space (other than your spacious walk-in closet), styling your bathroom the way you want it is a luxury you should be entitled to. The bathroom is the only area in the house that you get to use for yourself more often and thus, it gives you the authority to design it in any way it pleases you. To revitalize the appeal of your bathrooms, you can either go a more subtle route with a less trend-driven approach or you can go all-in to give your bath and wash area a serious sense of style.

To aid you in invigorating the charm of your master bathroom, guest rooms, and powder rooms, check out these fabulous 15 bathroom makeover tips we have gathered below.

Frameless Glass Partition

For an open-type bathroom with limited space, putting a glass partition either with a glass door set or only with a fix panel, will help keep the water from spilling all over the floor outside the shower without making the room feel smaller. For a cleaner, more minimal look, opt for a frameless glass door shower partition.

Marble Tub Backdrop

Who says you can’t put an accent into your bathroom space? Keep everything at minimal with plain white walls and matching tiled floors and punctuate your shower room with a wall-to-wall marble stone cladding behind a freestanding bathtub with gold clawfoot.

His And Hers Sink

Sharing your bathroom with your spouse? Don’t let their presence cram your style with a his-and-hers ceramic sink, each with a hot and cold faucet and face mirrors.

Glass Tub

If modern is more of your style and conventional bathtub designs aren’t your cup of tea, a low glass partition against the three walls of your bath area will pool the water like a small aquarium. The see-through visual will inject your space with an element of desire.

Statement Mirror

An easy way to elevate the style of your bathroom is to incorporate a sculptural accent. Given the limited space in most standard-sized bathrooms, a fabulous mirror design that hooks conveniently in a wall will do the trick.

Towel Niche

Adding a spa-like hotel feel in your bathroom can easily be achieved with a hollow niche in your wall that is covered in wood cladding and lighted strategically for displaying all your fancy towels in their respective categories.

Fairy Lights

Sprinkle your bathroom with magical aura by placing a few strings of fairy twinkle lights in the mirror or at the ceiling. You can recycle old Christmas lights and put them in your bathrooms to keep them from eating space in your storage area.

Spanish Floor Tile

One of the ongoing trends these past years is using Spanish tiles for small spaces like the bathroom floor to give it an instant edgy vibe. Choosing a good color combination for the floor tile will keep you from making your bathroom look like a paint mess.


Not everyone can have an open-type shower room that lets the outside in, especially the one with the uninvited gaze from their neighbors. The best alternative if your home can accommodate is to install a window skylight in the ceiling of yur bathroom so you can bathe privately under the stars.

Side Table @ Bath Tub

Keep your bath essentials and candle lights at bay while you soak in your bathtub by using your extra side tables or end tables as a shelf inside your bathrooms. Just be careful, since some wood is not fit to be placed inside a room with a lot of moisture, use a table made of hardwood or metal with glass instead.

Maximize Space Above Water Closet

The blank wall above your water closet should be considered more of an opportunity in styling than it becoming a dead space. Install a few shelf brackets above and use it as a towel and tissue storage along with other few personal accessorize to make your bathroom more appealing.

Cove Accent Light

If you like the soft glow of a high-end restaurant or hotel while you do your business in your bathroom and shower area, then this one is for you. Replace your general lighting with lights under the cove of your ceiling and other niches to soften the illumination. Use warmer lights rather than fluorescent lighting to even out your skin texture, at least in the mirror.

Mirror Cabinet

Maximize storage with a built-in cabinet with doors that holds your mirror. Perfect for storing medicine and other toiletries, these types of cabinets with mirrors will keep your small bathroom tidy and efficient.


Liven up with your bathroom with an actual living organism like plants. We all know plants give off oxygen, thus refreshing the air in the room. Plus, the pop of color will help foster the decor of your bathroom space. 

Ladder Towel Rack

Lastly, a ladder made of hardwood would make a great addition to any style of bathrooms to give it a more organic feel and a place to hang dry your damp towels.

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This post is also available in: Español

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