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Season Your Den With These 13 Glorious Furniture Selection

By Michael's Superstore

September 7, 2019

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A quick Wikipedia search defines ‘den’ as ‘a small room in the house where people can pursue activities in private’.

True enough, den is often used as an extension of the living room to entertain guests, or as an informal room to watch TV with the family, or as a private study area and home office. As your intended usage may vary, the furniture you placed inside your home den, however, will dictate how the space can be used by your family.

In creating a harmonious den that each one of your family can enjoy, you might want to give your furniture selection a second look to make sure that it will serve the purpose you designate it to be. There is a possibility that the loveseat you like now will be an impractical choice in the future compared to a 3-seater couch that will occupy the same area. The same thing goes with the bulky bookcase you plan to use as demarcation just to find out eventually that a simple folding screen divider will do the job perfectly fine.

To give you some ideas on what furniture to buy for your family den, here are some delightful furniture selection we have picked up that we hope will resonate to its target users.

  1. Three-seater Padded Couches. For a spacious den filled with natural light, a pair of 3-seater couch dressed in an off-white fabric will look so inviting in any style of home interior. Fill it with pillows in matching cover and have yourself a wonderful time relaxing with your family.
  2. Set Of Upholstered Armchairs. A couple of accent armchairs that is a statement itself would place perfectly in a den used as a library or reading area. The crackling sound of the fireplace would make a great companion in finishing up a dense book or the rest of this fantastic article while lounging on your padded chair.
  3. Wooden Coffee Table With Storage. To keep your den tidy as much as possible, double-purpose furniture pieces like a coffee table with built-in storage will help keep the important things like the remote control and other electronic devices within reach.
  4. Fun Kids Furniture. For a household littered with kids, a few cute furniture that they will enjoy, like a kiddie-sized rocking chair or a set of table and chairs, would not eat much space thus allowing them to spend time and play on this part of the house.
  5. Pet Cage Console Table. If you have pets, keep them off your expensive furniture and into their own domain with a console or end table that doubles as a pet house for your cats and dogs. A wide variety of designer pet crates are now available online so you can match their home to the styling of your home.
  6. Poufs. Whatever you call it, ottoman, pouf, stool, chances are you will need a few of these for extra seating that you can pull from an underneath storage. It also comes in different styling and can serve as an accent piece to your decor.
  7. Antique Dresser. For storing documents in your home office and a metal filing cabinet seems a bit off to your taste, consider using an existing chest of drawers or a vintage dresser in your family den as a storage solution to hide your clutter.
  8. Corner Storage. Maximize your corner and turn your dead spot into a place of interest by utilizing shelf storage for wall corners to display awards and accessories.
  9. Rocking Chair. An alternative to armchairs, a rocking chair is an ideal replacement if you want to relax while burning off some calories as you watch TV or read your books. According to a study, an hour using a rocking chair equates to burning 150 calories compared to the 68 calories sitting on a regular chair.
  10. Work Desk. A typical work desk has its basic function and if you’re the type that would rather make the most out of your den by working while losing a few calories, a transforming desk that turns into a standing desk perfectly fits the bill.
  11. Murphy Bed/Sofa Bed. For workaholics that would rather not leave the den when you get sleepy after all that work, a Murphy bed that “hides” into the wall or perhaps a sofa bed would make a great accompaniment to your work desk.
  12. Nested End Tables. A staple of the space-saving furniture movement, nesting tables are two to three pieces of tables that fit each other like a Matryoshka doll. The layering is a definite style maker and you can personalize with your accessories display for an arrangement that is uniquely yours.
  13. Metal Bookshelves And Bookcases. Bookshelves and bookcases serve the same purpose: store your books. Bookcases are free-standing furniture units while bookshelves are typically wall-mounted shelves. For a den that is also a library or an office, you can utilize these two for organizing your printed collection.
  14. Folding Screen Divider. Like previously mentioned, in providing a sense of privacy while also dividing your den into separate areas, a folding screen divider is more practical to use than a piece of heavy furniture like bookcases. For a more semi-permanent solution that is not a solid wall, however, a bookcase is your best option.
  15. Vintage Divan. A divan or a settee is a backless couch with arms on both ends. For a casual get together or a formal conversation in your den, this furniture piece would feel right at home as additional seating on any type of gatherings.

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This post is also available in: Español

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