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Cultivate The Allure Of Your Master Bedroom (To Get A Restful Sleep) With These Designer Approved Recommendations

By Michael's Superstore

September 3, 2019

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Waking up refreshed in the morning, as all grown adults know by now, has its major advantage: it gives you the energy to keep you productive, efficient, and lively throughout the day. A healthy night of sleep can be achieved by combining several key factors and one of which is to have a comfortable and appealing place to rest. Comfortable is one thing, appealing is another, and both we will address in this post so you can invigorate the design of your master bedroom.

In today’s internet-ridden, social network-dependent, Instagram-inspired culture, you would want a bedroom sanctuary for yourself that 'sparks joy’ and gives you the ‘goodest vibes’.  When dressing up the interior of your master bedroom, there are two schools of thoughts that most homeowners go to: think outside the box or work within what is inside the box. For those looking for some inspirations to get them started -or keep them going- in fluffing the look of their bedroom interior, check out these collections of bedroom decorating ideas that designers swear by.


In a place where you are supposed to be lying down and at your back most of the time, you might want to see something that relaxes your eyes, eases your mind, and gives you calm. A blank white ceiling will do just that. If you’re being imaginative, a flat ceiling in matte white paint looks like a tranquil, cloudy sky on a Sunday afternoon.

If you have been in a hotel or a spa and seeing a soft glow of light imparts you with a peaceful feeling, a ceiling with cove lighting will give your master bedroom that same effect. Hidden in the niche within your ceiling, LED strips or tubular fluorescent light in warm colors works best to imbue your space with a summery, soft glow.

For something that jives with your current master bedroom setup, a rustic bedroom for example, cladding your ceiling in scrap woods or other wood products will help unify the look of your space. For a classical-style bedroom suite, a paneled or coffered ceiling does the same. In essence, a thoughtfully made bedroom setup can help give you the feeling of balance and symmetry.


Painting your walls in relaxing colors works wonders! Earth tone colors, as their collective name suggests, feels more organic and make it seem like you’re one with nature. If you prefer to put colors into your walls, paint your walls in your favorite color in cool, pastel hues for a softer appearance. For a bolder look and a dim bedroom relaxes you, a wide array of sophisticated shades of grey and black are yours for the picking.

Considering a padded wall for your bedroom? A big ‘Yes, please'. Padded walls can help muffle the sound in your bedroom as the foam padding and fabric means less hard surface for the sound wave to bounce off. Choose between a wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling treatment for maximum design (and less sound) impact. For more soundproofing ideas, check out this article.

Just like the padded wall, curtains can also aid in deadening the sound waves in your bedroom interior for a more relaxing sleep. But wait, there’s more! If you’re not a morning person, a thick, blackout curtain makes a great addition to keep the sun rays out for a continuous, undisturbed sleep till noon.


When waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and the cold feel of the floor bothers you, wear a slipper. But for a more refined look to your bedroom that will solve this issue, a carpet or rug will do the trick.

For a more permanent solution that will also align the visuals of your floor to the aesthetic of your master bedroom interior, consider using wood finishes like parquet or boards as your flooring material. If the feel of the tiles does not bother you, go for a simulated wood tile design for a more organic look or an off-white porcelain tile for a modern, cleaner feel.


Now the fun part, let’s talk about furniture. Regardless of what your master bedroom looks like, a good, comfy, snug bed is the most important ingredient (next to a thousand thread count linen sheets) you would want in your haven. A sturdy bed frame either in wood or metal with a heavenly, soft mattress will cradle you like a baby. For some quality amazing beds, check out our online shop for best deals on beds and bed sets.

To complement your bed, an efficient night table can also aid in giving you a restful night sleep. A night table with drawers for storing your flashlight, books, or medicines means you don’t have to get up right off the bed and disturb your sleeping pattern just to access your things.

For book readers and bibliophiles, a comfortable corner with some scented candles and a fully upholstered armchair would make a great reading nook to dose you off if you prefer not to read while sitting in bed.


In lighting your bedroom, table lamps and reading lamps gives you ample illumination for reading your books and just enough light so you won’t bump to objects if you wake up in the middle of the night. For general lighting that still accentuates the style of your bedroom, go for soft glow lightings like a wall or cove lighting as previously mentioned in item #2 above. For other task lighting, choose between a floor lamp, table lamp, or a pendant based on your liking.

Got more tips on making the most out of your bedroom to get a night of better sleep? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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This post is also available in: Español

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