13 Designer Secrets In Creating A Fabulous Dining Room On Small Spaces

Furniture Store in Los Angeles 13 Designer Secrets In Creating A Fabulous Dining Room On Small Spaces designer secrets in creating dining room on small spaces

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Designing a small dining​ area for your home or apartment has always been a test of wit for every homeowner. Even the savviest homemakers and designers sometimes get stumped whenever they are presented with this scenario. For those who are in the hunt for stylish how-tos in making the most out of your pint-sized dining room space, congratulations, as you have found the right article to inspire you. In this post, we have curated some of the secret and not-so-secret ways on how designers conjure a show-stopping dining room design for small and compact spaces.

In pulling the look of your limited space dining area, one must consider different factors to trick the eyes and other senses to make it look more spacious than it is. The common challenge most homemakers and DIY designers encounters are getting the style they want to go well with the function despite the space restrictions. In setting up your dining room or any type of small spaces, we have gathered some widely used principles that professional designers swear by, as well as a few new ones.

In preparing your dining room space for use on a regular basis, whether for your daily get together with family or for any impromptu special events with friends, having the right balance of function and aesthetics incorporated in your small dining room design is the goal we will assist you to achieve thru this collection of amazing small dining room design tips.

Ceiling and Lights

Open up your ceiling, metaphorically. And by that we mean you can either install a skylight if the structure of your home permits, or paint your ceiling the same color of your walls to bring the eyes up (thus, vanishing the ceiling) - great for dining rooms areas with a low ceiling.

Install a 1970s-inspired glass mosaic ceiling-mounted chandelier to lit up your dining table and introduce a psychedelic atmosphere to any of your events.

Walls and Colors

Yellow signifies optimism. Recolor the walls of your dining room with a soft tone of yellow to make it inviting and warm. Feeling more adventurous? Accentuate your ceiling with a dash of violet-colored trimmings or add some chairs in purple-colored upholstery for a complementary hue. 

Widen the perspective of your dining area by incorporating linear patterns on your walls to make it appear more spacious. Like in fashion, vertical lines will bring the eyes up making the room look higher, while horizontal lines will make the room feel wider.

Introduce a trippy North African vibe into the scenery of your dining room interior with artworks that depict the majesty of Madagascar’s natural surroundings with its tranquil seas and sweeping mountains.

Furniture and Floor

Get a dining room set that is easy on the eyes that don’t add to the clutter to the look of your dining area. For sturdy dining table sets that will go well with a wide range of dining room design, check out our great selection of dining room furniture.

If your objective is to have something sexy in your dining room space, a leather upholstered chair with metal framing makes an appealing dining room chair addition that is rooted in classic modern design without being too bulky.

Speaking of modern, get your cramped dining​ area up to date by trading your bulky wooden chairs with bamboo bistro chairs to achieve that summer, Mediterranean look.

Nothing says alfresco like woven rattan chairs. Bring a contemporary twist to your classical dining room interior with chairs made from organic materials that remind you of your trip to the Bahamas or Hamptons.

For an extensive dining ​area renovation that includes changing the floor material of the area, consider using light-colored ceramic tiles or bleached wood parquet to bounce off the light and help make the room feel brighter.

Accessories and Fi​​​​nishes

If putting up a skylight or opening your window seems not feasible to let natural light in, a set of stylish table lamps placed on top of your sideboard or buffet table is your next best option in highlighting the decor of your confined dining​ area. For beautiful lamps that will go well all-throughout the house, check out our collection of​ stylish home lamps.

Let in more light by changing the style of your window treatment. Trade your thick, black-out curtains for a set of sheer curtains made of muslin or voile. Thin, see-through curtains give a light, romantic, and airy look to a room by allowing sunlight to pass through it, infusing your dining area with a soft, ethereal glow.

Three words: Declutter, declutter, and oh, declutter. Nothing says a spacious room if there are no out-of-placed items that will make the design of your dining room incoherent. Get that sideboard that matches your dining table or a tall China cabinet to display your mementos and memorabilia’s the way they should be.

This post is also available in: Español

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