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Designing Kids’ Rooms: Space-Saving Decorating Tips

By Michael's Superstore

February 4, 2020

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Designing kids’ rooms is fun and challenging especially when you’re working with a small space! Space-saving has become a foundation of interior design in today’s crowded world due to the increasing constructions all around. So, you will always have to compromise on space even if you want to have an extravagant apartment with all the amenities. Decorating the space becomes more crucial as you have to consider the decor along with managing the space.

When it comes to decorating less spacious kids’ rooms, it becomes imperative to design it according to the space given. Of course, it is indeed a challenging task because when space is limited, you have to be quite creative as well as economical while designing the room. Kids’ rooms have to reflect their personalities as well. There are lots of themes and concepts that you can incorporate into your plan.

Here, we will discuss some space-saving decorating tips that you can use while designing your kid’s room.

Measure Every Corner

It is important that you measure every wall and corner of the room accurately so you don’t go wrong while buying the furniture for that particular area of the room. It is also necessary that you purchase the decor pieces considering space where you are planning to place them or fit them. Measurement plays a vital role in giving you a clear picture as to how you will proceed with managing the space by the designed plan.

Be Realistic

You should be aware of what things will work and what won’t in your space. You should accept the things that do not work with space rather than just doing them for the hack of doing. 

List Down The Things You Need

It is always better to have a list of things you plan to include in the room. It may include the furniture pieces and other decor items that you feel may look good and go with your theme. If you make a list in advance, you can also decide on the budget before purchasing stuff.

Consider The Ideas Outside The Plan

It is not necessary to stick to your floor plan religiously. You may also consider a few other things. There are several innovative solutions available today to manage the space and still have the best decor. A wall bed or a Murphy bed can make a lot of difference when you consider having a stylish bed in a little space. You can also opt to have a sofa-cum-bed which may fulfill multipurpose activities. Lastly, think about your child’s activities throughout the day and plan according to their necessities.

Involve Your Kids

Sometimes, it is better to take input from kids regarding their likes and needs. It will help you design the kids’ rooms according to their taste which will ultimately, make a lot of difference. Kids should be involved up to a certain extent but not beyond that to disturb your budget. Involving the kids in the floor plan will help you a lot to decide on things that you may not be aware of, and they may have those ideas in their minds.

Decide On A Budget

When you make your floor plan, it is time to analyze the cost of your decor. Research in the market about the costs of various decor items that you have listed on your plan. It will give you a clear picture of your overall expense, and you can narrow down your list to fit your budget.

Consider Long-Term and Temporary Products

When you proceed to your purchases, it is critical that you consider the worth of a particular product to be placed in your room as to whether it will be used for years to come or you will change it within a year or few months. Kids grow fast, and so do their tastes and preferences. Take it into account while making your purchases, and they should be worth by the period of their usage.


When you think of buying stylish pillows for your child, think that they can be replaced within a short period of time because your son will grow fast and may change his taste for his pillows. Likewise, when you think of buying furniture like a bed, consider it to be used for a long time because beds come expensive and cannot be replaced within a few months. Think wisely before you personalize any furniture decors when designing kids’ rooms.

Go Shopping Without The Kids

Make sure you don’t take your kids with you when shopping because they may become stubborn about buying stuff that may not be in your budget. So, keep the kids at bay when it comes to shopping for furniture and other decorative products for their rooms.

Get Help

It is not necessary that you should be perfect in your planning as well as designing the room. In this case, it will be better if you get the help of a professional or an interior designer and have several innovative ideas. They know where to purchase from to get good discounts and quality. It is going to be worth hiring an interior designer to have a beautiful room for your kid at the end of the day.

Put in all your efforts in designing kids’ rooms because these efforts are going to be worth it when that million-dollar smile is on your child’s face.

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