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Making The Most Out Of Your Dining Room Interior

By Michael's Superstore

October 19, 2019

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DINING ROOM DESIGN: Thinking of fluffing up the decor of your dining room? Adding anything at all to your dining room interior while keeping the existing design intact can result in a lot of wonderful surprises. On the other hand, starting your dining room design from scratch can also be equally satisfying. With proper planning and a few handy notes like the ones we have curated below, you can add the drama you were looking for on your dining room in a very pleasing way.

If you prefer an unassumingly modern eating area or a cozy and peaceful dining room design with a decidedly country character, your innate characteristics can lend a helping hand in setting the tone for your dining room haven. Associating your past restaurant experiences or the country you have lived before is a good place as well to draw on for inspiration in creating the design of your dining room that is uniquely yours. With those in mind, let these mouth-watering decorating ideas and suggestions kickstart your journey in maximizing the design of your dining room space.

Modern Chairs + Classic Table

Bring in the old and integrate it with the new. How? Combine black modern chairs with a round pedestal table painted in a glossy white paint finish. Need something more? Have your accent wall in muted gray paint while keeping the rest of the walls and ceiling, even your door and window trims, in crisp white paint finish.

Rustic Table, Plain White Walls

Bring a touch of rustic into your serene dining room space by repurposing old doors into a distressed dining table. Let natural light flood the whole space and punctuate the area with a black geometric rug. For a pop of color, candy-colored pendant lamps will go well with a few small indoor plants.

Wooden Bench, Mid-Century Chairs

Infuse your interiors with a chic-meets-industrial vibe using a long wooden bench as the seat for your white dining table and matching Mid-Century molded plastic side chairs. Complete the look with a few industrial hanging lamps in white metallic paint.

Booth Style Dining Area

For that instant cozy vibe to your dining room setting, utilize the corner of your kitchen as a breakfast nook for the whole family. As awesome as that sounds, a corner sofa with upholstered seats will make it even more welcoming. Don’t forget to add some trendy pillows to magnify the fun vibe even more.

Southern Modern

Articulate your dining room interior (dining room design) with the effortless grace of country-style settings and the subtle elegance of modern finishes. Hardwood floors, French-style bay windows, and minimalist furniture pieces, need we say more? Reinforce the look with the use of fewer moldings and trimmings.


Add some contemporary glamor to your Scandinavian-style dining area with swanky lighting piece in gold finish hanging up in the ceiling. Mixed it up with large geometric artworks that call back to the shape of the chandelier. Tie it all together with a mirror-top, steel base dining table and matching sideboard. For additional illuminations, check out our delightful varieties of table lamps here.

Narrow But Fabulous

Popularly stylish Venetian mirror in the dining area? Sure, why not. Its ornate design and modern appeal can instantly add the opulence your space is lacking. Not to mention, it can help bounce off light making your constricted dining room area appear larger and brighter.

Avant-garde Seaffont

Highlight your beach-style interior with your exquisite taste in sculptural furnishings. Furniture that also serves as an art, as well as fixtures that double as an accent, all fall on this lane. A glass-enclosed, candle-flame chandelier? Yes, please. Cross-legged chair with corset-style upholstery and matching acrylic-wood top dining table? Check and check.

Black Not Boring

A few wooden chairs with black leather upholstery on a round black Lotus tables spells masculinity interspersed with femininity. A very deep, like almost black teal-colored wall and white flat ceiling would make such a wonderful backdrop to this marriage of elements. And as a finishing touch, add a glass mirror and blown-glass chandelier for that extra twinkle.

Nature Oriented

Be in the presence of spring all year round with a dining set up that features furniture pieces and accents that are inspired by nature. Such furniture like the oxbow chairs reinterpreted using bleached rattan with seat in woven cotton is a fantastic option for this arrangement. Pair it with a woven basket as a lighting fixture hanging on top of a round white table. Then crown the space with a fern plant on a white ceramic vase as the table’s centerpiece.

French And Fresh

If you are one of the lucky few who has a dining area with big glass windows, take advantage of the natural light and go with an ethereal look for your dining room arrangement. Some key French furniture pieces like a dining table with fluted legs, a French Louis oval back chair with upholstered seats, and a distressed buffet table with matching wall mirror would feel at home on walnut hardwood floors, white walls, and glass chandelier. Check out our shop for our great collection of dining room sets, tables, and chairs.

Shabby Chic

With a composed dining room area that features soft pink and cool azure colors, enhance the dreamy vibe of the space by filling up the room with vintage finds and accessories. Retro-style wall lamps, clocks, and picture frames will go well with distressed furniture and crocheted pillows.

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This post is also available in: Español

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