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16 Best Tips For Shopping Table Lamps For Your Dining Area

By Michael's Superstore

August 17, 2019

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Getting the right lamp that goes with the style of your dining area is a task that homemakers and first-time designers should be able to do without a hitch. All you need is a basic lamp that is working fine, with a sturdy base that won’t slip, topped with a shade that doesn’t dim the light too much, and a cord that plugs perfectly into the wall socket. Easy-breezy, one might say. But for the homeowners and designers with a discriminating taste, a simple lamp from a dollar store might not suffice. Just like wearing jewelry to accentuate a tailored gown or suit, the style of your lamp can easily make or break the look of your dining room area.

You've probably seen your fair share of dining room interiors, whether on a TV show or in a friend’s home. Have you paid attention to how it was lit? An accent lighting is a very small detail that can easily be overlooked at but without it, the drama of the interior will not come to light, so to speak. So, we took it upon ourselves to find a couple of swoon-worthy table lamps design for a variety of dining room style. If you're ready to explore some wonderful table lamp ideas to guide you in shopping for the perfect one for your home, here are some gorgeous lamps that should be on your radar.

  1. If you are trying to create a chic-style dining room interior complete with white walls and neutral accents, a table lamp with a natural alabaster base and brass metal frame topped a white linen shade will give your space a pinch of raw, organic feel.
  2. A pair of blown glass lampshade with transparent base would make a great companion piece to a French-style sideboard with latticework design against a glass mirror cabinet door.
  3. To intensify the contemporary appeal of your grey wall dining room area, why not match your crystal chandelier with a table lamp with a cylinder-shaped base made of acrylic? Then match the white drapes with the same fabric from the lampshade to complete the look.
  4. For an added interest to your dining room styling, a set of table lamp with sculptural metal base would make a great functional artwork to elevate the flair of your home.
  5. Not all lamp can be the star of your dining room interior. A simple table lamp with a pair of vertical brass support on a round metal base would be more happy to accompany a wooden sideboard with brass tip legs. 
  6. For an Italian-style dining room interior featuring a lot of wood like in the floor and furniture, an antique gooseneck reading lamp will coordinate well with the room’s retro vibe.
  7. To achieve the cozy effect of your dining room area, a mismatch of dining table painted in white and a set of upholstered chairs in wooden stained legs would benefit from a pair of table lamp with a white ceramic base placed on top of a French-empire sideboard.
  8. To soften the look of your rustic-style dining room, consider a pair of lamp with turned wood base in a matte black paint finish with matching black linen shade placed on top of a distressed wooden sideboard. 
  9. How do you add Hollywood glamor to your plain white dining room interior? Get a buffet table with textured cabinet doors in metallic finish and place on top a large artwork with pale color undertones. To complete the look, set a pair of lamps that features a ceramic-base in metallic silver with gold accent finish and cap it off with a crisp white linen shade.
  10. To add a pop of color to the matte black walls of your dining room, source a table lamp with a solid base made either in wood, metal or ceramic and paint it in deep aqua color, along with some accessories in the same hue.
  11. To magnify the industrial look of your dining room, a pair of table lamps with a solid base made of raw cement will give your space an architectural, brutalist vibe.
  12. For a nautical theme-styled dining room, a hand-painted ceramic base with a lattice-work pattern in blue and white paint is reminiscent of a Hampton style look.
  13. If you’re longing for a more tropical style dining room, a table lamp with a base made of wicker in a traditional shape is a good complement for your green wall or an indoor garden.
  14. If the style of your dining room is orbiting between the modern and Scandinavian style, a lamp with a tripod stick wooden base will feel very at home to your decor.
  15. To crown your dining room interior with a sleek accent that mixes classic and modern design, a table lamp with a metal base in hand-hammered steel finish will sparkle in any angle you look at it.
  16. And of course, for those who are adventurous and want to push the style of their dining room interior to the limit, an avant-garde style all-metal lamp that defies the norm will increase the allure of your decor to its maximum capacity.

Have some great table lamp ideas to share? Tell us in the comment section below.

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This post is also available in: Español

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