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Eye-Catching Design Tips From Pinterest For Your Entertainment Room

By Michael's Superstore

September 17, 2019

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Once in a while, a new web service would come along and offer a unique perspective on how we see the world. Enter Pinterest. For a lot of designers and DIY homemakers, Pinterest has been one of the best sources of visual inspiration for transforming parts of our home the way we want to live in it. One good example of that is the home entertainment area. As more and more people from this generation preferring to spend their time indoors instead of going to the mall and watch movies, or play games in the arcade or hang out in a coffee shop, the need for a relaxing and inviting entertainment room has never been this pivotal.

However, as good as the Pinterest website is, wading through thousands and thousands of different images of playrooms, home centers, and recreation rooms may leave you rather confused and lost. That is why we did the scouring for some amazing entertainment room interiors you so you don’t have to. Below are some of the best decorating tips and ideas we came up with from images we love on Pinterest that we hope you will find useful in creating your dream entertainment center. Do not forget to follow out Pinterest account.


Movie Center.

Can’t decide whether you need a projector or a wall-to-wall LCD screen installation? We hear you. Regardless of your preference and the design of your home theater area, a good movie room design all boils down how the acoustics are handled. Opt for finishes that will disrupt the sound vibration of the room yet still looks appealing, like textured wood claddings or soft furnishings such as color matching carpets and curtains. For comfortable seating while watching films, go for fully padded furniture like sectional sofas, lounges, and couches. Head to our shop to see some wonderful selection of padded seating pieces for your entertainment center.

Sound Room.

If you’re more into grooves and harmonies, a music room may as well be your place of solitude. Just like a home theater, the mentioned principle above still applies. One possible addition you might want to include in your furniture setup is lots and lots of storage and shelves to tidy your records and sound paraphernalia.

Play Room.​

This one is for more of ‘for the young at heart’. And by that we mean, grown-up kids who are into billiards, foosball, and video arcade games. A staple of the man-cave era, any of those activity pieces will go well with neon lights and image posters in a well-lit interior.


Sitting Area And Counter.

An entertainment area doesn’t always have to use for passive activities. You can host your book club or hold a bible study at the comfort of your entertainment room with just a set of nice comfortable chairs or perhaps some bistro bar chairs for a casual, informal gathering near your fireplace.

Working Fireplace.​

Speaking of a fireplace, a modern, sculptural fireplace will make such a good addition to any type of home center design and will help set the ambiance of your space. Traditional fireplace on the other, are better off with styles like rustic or classical-style interior to help emphasize the mood.

Elevated Seats / Sunken Seating Area.​

Either of these two are perfect if you want to have a seating area that is out of the norm. As long as you and your guests are comfortable and have ample foot traffic to move in and out, then you are all set.

Display Room Memorabilia.

Toys, cards, awards and other stuff with historical interest have found its way to most entertainment rooms as it doubles as a display gallery for these collectible items. Glass shelves, soft lighting, spotlights will come to mind and has its reasons.

Snack Bar And Drinks.

Let the good times roll, as they say. A minibar, a mini-cellar, up to a show kitchen complete with sink and fridge are just some of the things you might want- but might not be able to- include in your entertainment room. If all else fails, a stuffed vending machine will have to do.

Chalkboard Wall.​

Utilize a blank wall and have a chalkboard wall that you or your kids can use for competition drawings or keeping game scores. 

Sports Room.​

Since we are in the topic of keeping score, if your space allows it, a table tennis or ping-pong table makes a good alternative to a billiard table as mentioned above. Or a bowling lane, perhaps?

Computer Center.

 Not all competition is physical. In this day and age, gaming tournaments are all the rage with the kids, all around the world. Equip your home center with the beast computing machine complete with backlit keyboards and ergonomic gaming chairs. You might be needing an IV stand somewhere in there too.

One last thing

Turn your attic room as your fortress of leisure and treat yourself with any of the possibilities discussed here. A functional attic room as an entertainment area, not only maximizes the use of the space, but it also adds value to your home in the market.

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This post is also available in: Español

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