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Designing The Best Family Room That Everyone Will Enjoy

By Michael's Superstore

October 22, 2019

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Having a well-designed family room (family room design) is important. The significant reason behind that statement is that family rooms are very representative of the people who use it. A well-thought design of a family room allows each member of the family enjoys it whether alone or together, like reading books by themselves or hanging out on a family night watching movies. Combining each user’s interests makes the family room design creation more fun to tackle and can lead to the discovery of the other aspects of your family’s relationship with one another.

In conceptualizing the design of your family room, knowing what furniture, finishes, fixtures, equipment, and accessories to use and where it will go can sometimes be overwhelming. Laying out everything in a floor plan and making elevation sketches will aid you in keeping your focus. Mapping out each wall, the floor, and even the ceiling can save you a lot of time doing physical, laborious arrangements. This thoughtful approach will let you see the warmth and appeal your space has to offer before even the furniture is delivered. In expressing your creativity in furnishing your family room, here are a few ideas you might want to consider. 


Starting with a modern-style interior, an open floor plan layout for your family room sounds practical in situations like when you have a high ceiling with tall, French windows flooding the room with natural light. This is especially helpful when maximizing the use of limited spaces, like having a show kitchen facing your living area with a kitchen island that doubles as a bar.


For a rather constricted family room space, the minimalist route may be your 

saving grace. See-through furniture like tables made of glass or acrylic or chairs and couches with skinny frames will help perceive the eyes by not blocking the line of sight, giving the illusion of an airy feel. For space-saving chairs, living room sofas, and sectional sofas, check out our wide array of seating collection here.


For something on the opulent, grandiose-feel for your family room design, leather textures on your furniture, hand-made tufted upholstery, sparkling finishes like glass, gold, and silver, as well as carpeting and high ceiling will transform your family room into an upscale paradise. If you prefer to keep things simple and without frills, focus on the color scheme of muted blues, white and grey throughout.

With Vaulted Ceiling

For a truly awe-inspiring family room, capitalize on the architectural details of your pitched roof and let your exposed ceiling beams and joists be a backdrop for your family room setup. The rustic appeal of exposed wood, its texture, and visual flair will elevate the charm of your family area.

On A Budget

Looking for a high-end look for your family room area but on a budget? Challenge accepted. Use simulated wood tile for your flooring then place an off-the-shelf, geometric monochromatic carpet. Cover your vintage armchair with faux leather and matched it with a sectional sofa in suede grey upholstery.  Keep your plain walls in painted winter solstice blue color, a few gold accessories here and there, add some plants and you’re done!


For that airy, ethereal look for your family room, start with a plain canvass of white walls, white ceiling, and bleach wood floors. Then place a pair of the three-seater sofa in a carved wooden frame and ivory upholstery as the focal point. Let the air and light in with thin, sheer curtains covering the windows. Crown the place with a gold and crystal chandelier and long stem lilies in matching crystal vases.

With Piano

Whether you have a baby grand piano, an upright-type piano, or a digital keyboard on a pedestal, incorporating arts and music is always a lovely and welcome idea in a family room interior. Feel free to make your grand piano the focus of the room or as a favorable accompaniment to a cluster of seating areas. Keep in mind the finish of the music instrument so it will blend with the rest of the furnishing for a well-collected look for your family room.

With Fireplace

There’s nothing like snuggling up with your loved ones in a thick blanket next to the crackling fireplace, especially in the colder months. Fireplaces can fit into any type of design space. Using wood, conjure a traditional-style fireplace or make a modern-style focal point fireplace using stone finishes. Strategically combining different elements that appeal to you or your family can result in a custom look that is uniquely yours.

With Sectional Sofa

With the right style, sectional sofas effectively make the focal point, the star if you will, of any family room design, and it has its reasons. Serving the primary function of the main seating area, the ability to add how many sections you need, whether it is a left or right seat, with a footstool or with a chaise, sectional seating gives you the flexibility to choose how many you need and dictate the arrangement that can fit your space. 


For a kid-friendly family room interior, ditch the formal ottomans and use poufs and bean bags accompanied by lots of soft pillows. A teepee tent in the corner won’t eat too much space and some models can collapse and be stowed easily. Geometric wallpapers in colorful design or movable bookcases full of children's books can adorn a blank wall. Don’t forget to use double-use furniture like a coffee table with hidden storage or a tall dresser to keep the clutters out of sight fashionably. For more dressers and drawer ideas, click here to see our wide array of storage furniture.

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This post is also available in: Español

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