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4 Decorating Tips For Your Dresser Top

By Michael's Superstore

April 7, 2020

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Choosing the furniture pieces for the most significant part of your house, i.e., the bedroom is challenging. You go to several branded furniture stores and search the magazines for the perfect furniture inspiration on the weekend. You choose a perfect bed, wardrobe, chest, dresser, and others during this planning stage. When you finally finish the decoration, you feel peace. But, you must know that your work is not over yet.

The next thing that needs your attention is the interior decor. If you are an amateur, it can test your nerves for sure. It does not matter whether you know how to decorate the dresser top perfectly or not. There are tips and tricks from the interior decorators that you can use. It will surely make your task easier. Have a look at them.

Clean It First

You must take good care of the furniture pieces. As you have invested a huge amount of money in them, embrace those standards that increase the lifespan of these beautiful items. It will also keep the damages away from the furniture.

When you get the furniture, the first thing that you do is clean it properly. Do the same thing with the dresser. Do not place anything on it before you clean it with a soft cotton cloth. After cleaning, you can think about the decorative pieces that you want over it. You will have enough time to make the decision.

Divide The Top Section Into Three Parts

The top section of the dresser is an essential part of the decor point-of-view. That is why you need to decorate it wisely. Also, you need to know the ways to maintain a balance between the accessories that you want over the dresser. Make sure you do not place too much here.

The Wall Over The Dresser Needs Your Attention

Where have you set this furniture in the room? You must install it in a proper place. The main reason is the wall above defines the look of this elegant piece. If it is blank, fill it with something huge as it is the central point of the dresser.

If you have placed it under the window, it will provide a visual balance to the dresser. If you do not have a window in your room or it is occupied, no need to worry. There are numerous choices to place the dresser in the room. For instance, a huge mirror, artwork, and others. You need some items to put on the wall. It will enhance the look of the dresser for sure.

Decorate The Divided Sections Of The Dresser

If you are placing a large mirror above the dresser, it is clear that the central section of the dresser will not be used to keep the tall things. So, decorate it with the small items or keep it empty. You can use items having good height like table lamps, indoor plants, art pieces, chic basket, collectible, a vase of flowers and many more. There are many cost-effective options that you can use.

You can also place a few candles on the dresser top. It will provide a feeling of comfort to space. Use the aromatic candles that make you feel calm and composed when you are tired of the daily affairs.

Also, use the above tips to make the dresser look stylish and elegant. Start decorating it and keep the decor of your bedroom on point.

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