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Fun Kids Room Ideas For Little Girls

By Michael's Superstore

December 28, 2019

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When designing a kids' room for your sweet baby girl (girls bedroom ideas), the description always comes down to two specific words: stylish and chic. But how do you nail the look without going overboard and under deliver?

In creating or renovating the design of your daughter’s bedroom, one important thing to do is to ask them what they want to incorporate in the decor of their sleeping area. Having a personalized kids room based not only on their needs but also on what they want makes the room more functional and adds sentimental value to the design. In doing so, they tend to enjoy spending more time playing and studying in their room and out of your hair.

Without further adieu, check out these fabulous girls room design ideas we have collected just for you

Unicorn Colors

Pastel colors are so 2000s. They are called unicorn colors now. Pretty much the same hue, but more exciting and with a unified feel. Think of cotton candy, turquoise, and plump as the basis of your color scheme. Then throw in some lemon yellow and sunset orange to complete the look. The resulting amalgamation of colors is quite dreamy and lovely to look at. Throw in some festive elements in there too while you’re at it, like a string of banderole, plush unicorn toys, and color-coordinated linen and furniture set.

Garden Teepee

For your little damsel’s bedroom, have a teepee hut inside their sleeping area to use as their own fort. A plain white tent with wooden support would make an amazing design feature in a forest or garden-style kid's room. Drape some vines in the entrance of the hut to match their wallpaper decorations or their garden view by the window.

Animal Decors

For a safari-themed girl’s room (girls bedroom design), soft toys and animal figures are exciting additions to help them play with their imagination. Life-size stuffed gorillas? Sure, put it in there. A lion rocking chair with shiny hair she can braid? That sounds like fun. A blanket with leopard print. Yes but make it fashion. The sky is the limit when brainstorming for animal-inspired decor for a young adventurer’s habitat. Make it worth their while with animal toys they can interact with during their playtime.

House Bed

If you’re looking to maximize the functionality of their room by incorporating playtime on the decor, a 4-post bed with a frame that looks like the bare skeleton of a house is the one you need. With their beds as part of the footprint of their play area, they get to use the full potential of the room and the furniture that normally use only at night. Make it more fun by draping curtains in the perimeter of the bed that they can close if they need privacy or if they want to be alone in their pretend castle.

Ball Pit

A ball pit is an easy DIY project you can do especially if you want a custom size or shape that is not readily available. With a little creativity, you can make your own padded box or pool from discarded foam and fabrics.  Once you have your pond, fill it with hollow plastic balls around 3 inches in diameter. Any ball color will do, but if you’re quite particular with your color scheme, you can opt for something like monochromatic or complimentary in colors. If there are no balls available, balloons are also a fun option.

Reading Nook

Start them young in learning to love reading books by dedicating a corner of their room and converting it into a fancy reading nook. Using just a sheer curtain draped from the ceiling, you can fashion a whimsical reading canopy inside their favorite sanctuary. Make it cozy using a beanbag instead of a chair or add fairy lights for an instant magical effect.

Tea Table

A staple in every little girl's room (girls bedroom ideas), a pair of kiddie chairs with a matching table is just as important as the bed. With this setup included in their room, they learn how to socialize and use their imagination by hosting their air tea parties. Of course, no tea-time is complete without the necessary dishes to serve onto their guests. For a more luxurious feel, place their table set up on a matching round carpet.

Double Deck

For twin girls' bedroom, a double-deck is outright necessary but don’t let that bore the decor of their room. A bunk bed with a frame that doesn’t have legs keeps the height relatively low and gives a rather fresh aesthetic to a classic bed design. To make it even more modern, let go of the headboard and footboard and fill it with pillows to make a bunk-style daybed. This way, you also maximize the space without sacrificing fun and functionality.

Starry Night

A bedroom fit for your future cosmonaut, shower your daughter’s bedroom ceiling with images of the galaxy, the universe, and other terrestrial bodies by using a mobile projector. With the recent development in projection technologies, you can get your hands on one of those handy projectors specifically used to paint the rotating milky way, asteroids, and constellation into any type of flat surfaces, including a ceiling. Bond together while they learn the about the solar system.

Pro Tip: Well-thought Furniture Pieces

In conceptualizing a sleeping wonderland for your little girl, the role of the furniture is just as important as the decor (girls bedroom ideas). Take out the function and you will be left with a playroom. To balance their time between play and sleep, always keep in mind the necessary furniture pieces that will allow them to do both activities. Furniture items like bed, chairs, and dressers needed to be strong and made of quality materials so it can stand the test of time.

And here in Michael’s Superstore, we have a wonderful line of furniture for kids that are sturdy and well-designed that will harmonize well in any type of a girls bedroom idea (design). Check out our online store to see our kids' furniture collection that you and your daughter will surely like.

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