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Creating A Guest Room That Is Instagram Worthy

By Michael's Superstore

September 14, 2019

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So you have decided to give your extra bedroom (guest room) a makeover. It’s the year 2019 and we all know by now what Instagram is. Unless you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment under a rock with no WiFi access, chances are you have seen a ‘gram post or been on the site at least once to source for design inspirations. In today’s pop-culture-obsessed masses, Instagram has become one of the web’s go-to site to scour -and flaunt- everything from food, attires, home decor and other forms of visual information. Do​ not forget to follow my Instagram.

Designing your spare room and putting it out there for the world to see, of course, has its merits. For example, if you put your home in Airbnb to earn extra cash or you are selling your residence to liquidate some of your assets. In showing off your home for the thrill of earning a million likes, you need more than a trendy guest room for your presentation. What you need is to have the bedroom setup. And to gear you up in creating that fabulously stylish makeover for your guest bedroom, here are some amazing ideas you might want to consider.

Classic Yet Casual. 

Classic designs often consider as formal. The bulkier the look of the space, the more formal it appears. Instead of putting a full bed inside your guest room, a daybed with a light wooden frame and turned legs and decorated with lots of soft pillows would turn your light-filled den into a guest bedroom in a jiffy.

Homey And Rustic. 

Turn your cold shed into a place of warmth and comfort. Consider some soft white paints for your walls and match it with ivory sheer curtains. Then fill the shelves with books, lots of it. Don’t forget the carpet and some wooden furniture with padded cushions and velvety sheets. For some rugs and carpet ideas, check out ​our previous post about rugs and carpets.

Contemporary Boho. 

Unconventional yet very now, contemporary bohemian ties in the arts, music, literary and the spiritual to the prevailing design influences of today. Think of white walls with a piece of oil painting on top of a well-made Scandinavian bed and adorned with wall-mounted metal lamps and a big-sized Persian carpet on the bleached wooden floor.

Chic And Comfy. 

In a home, a chic interior means elegant, fashionable and trendy. Imagine your space with a casual and understated look comprised of a wrought iron bed, thick mattress, lots of soft pillows, and a few raw wooden shelves with succulents and then punctuate it with a black metal chandelier.

Zen And Inviting. 

An intensely personal design, zen embodies the minimalist design that elevates a plain room as if it is a work of art.  Add a dash of rattan and wicker accents in their simple form and natural finish against a shade of soft blue matte paint for your walls for that visually relaxing, calming ambiance.

Symmetrical Industrial. 

Make the most out of your extra bedroom space and put in two single beds in thick black metal frames and matching blue-and-white linens. Line the plain grey walls with typical brick-style motif and punctuate with an industrial-style, black pendant lamp to complete the arrangement. Looking for a more classy, illumination pieces for accent? Check out our selection of lamps here (link).

Ethereal Countryside. 

Take advantage of the soft glow coming from the windows and paint the walls in pale mint green while keeping the door and windows trims in white. Install a sliding wooden barn door that leads to the bathroom and references the wall color in your linen setup for a delicate yet elegant look.

Graceful Safari. 

Earth tones color can be a bit hard to manipulate but a bit of grey in primary colors works wonders! An olive green wall paint would make such a mouth-watering background for native furniture, indigenous fabric patterns, and monochromatic animal print posters.

Calm And Tropical. 

Tropical cyclones aside, dress up your guest bedroom walls in a raw cement finish with leafy print fabrics for your padded cushions and upholstery. Complete the trifecta with some monstera framed artworks and a piece of palm leaf in a grey ceramic vase.

Fancy Attic. 

Create your typical bet set up with whatever you have extra lying in the house and then tie everything together by sticking with your chosen color scheme, but here’s the twist: a flamboyant designer chair to make everything else in your guest room look and feel expensive.

Enchanting Bunk Beds. 

Maximizing your spare room doesn’t have to be a nightmare for your guests. Create a dreamy sleeping area with a pair of stacked beds in a white wooden frame and glossy paint finish. Cover each bed with sumptuous pale pink linens and soft pillows. To cap off, add a large French-style window frame that has been converted into a mirror.

Warm Scandinavian. 

Got a bedroom in a typical Nordic styling? Level up its appeal by covering the wall where your bed placed against a wall-to-wall print of a sunny rain forest. Mix and match your bed setting with a yellow bed sheet and a handful of padded cushions in an array of grey and green fabric. Top it off with a chunky knitted merino wool blanket and make sure your house guest signed a monthly lease.

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This post is also available in: Español

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