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Crafty Guest Room Makeovers: Decor And Accessories

By Michael's Superstore

November 19, 2019

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Giving your spare bedroom (guest room) a makeover is a worthy weekend task that can elicit positive reactions from your guests. DIY-ing home decor has always been a fun pastime that when posted on online platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can even go viral. Whether you do it for that or self-gratification, here are some wonderful ideas to personalize the look of your guest bedroom and turn it into a marriage of exquisite and sublime, natural and otherworldly.

Standing Mirror In Spring

Can’t wait for Spring? Make your guest bedroom always looking like an evergreen garden with a full standing flowery mirror. Get the one with solid frames and cover it using colorful fake flowers. Like a portal to a parallel dimension, it would make a fabulous eye-candy in a bedroom setting with pastel walls, antiquated furniture, or with a garden view windows. Pair it with pillowcases with matching floral motif to reinforce the outdoorsy vibe of your heavenly paradise.

Banksy Door

Channel your inner Banksy and vandalize (in a good way) your guest room door for a personalized look. This works best with wooden doors with minimal design or no carvings at all. Paint both sides in white as its base color and then sketch the images you want using a pencil so you can trace after the lines. For inspiration, check out Google Images for graffiti inspirations that will look awesome with your existing bedroom decor. When you’re done painting over the door, seal it with a top clear coat for a lasting result.

Fairy Lights And Sheer Curtain

To refresh the look of your spare bedroom (guest room) using minimal effort with maximum impact, get your hands on a sheet of sheer curtains and some strings of fairy lights. Drape the curtain on to the bed hanging from the ceiling like a canopy.  Follow it up with a few strings of fairy lights and watch as it envelopes the bed with a magical feel, adding to the welcoming atmosphere of the space.

Washi Light Switch

For a quick touch up of your old and boring light switch, head on to your nearest craft store and grab a few rolls of washi tape. Washi tapes are colorful masking tapes in different patterns and sizes that adheres to most surfaces like plastic. Perfect for home decor and craft projects, cover your light switch with various washi tape giving it new life and contribute to the cheerful vibe of your guest room. If you have some spare nail polish, you can also do the same by painting it with different colors for a more customized look.

Bookcase Foot Bench

Making the most out of your bedroom (guest room) means maximizing its potential by giving function to the aesthetics. One good example is turning a bookshelf into a storage bench. Place the shelf on its side instead of its standing position. By doing this, you preserve its original purpose but also introduce new functions by making it a seat. Place it at the foot of the bed and add some cushions for comfort. Add some baskets on each opening to segregate your clutter. You might also want to add some wheels at the bottom so it will easily glide when you clean.

Flower Letters

Need more flowery ideas? Taken from the aesthetic of trendy alphabet cakes, this take on the alphabet letter is as gorgeous as its inspiration. Create a big letter using old cardboard boxes and make it hollow. Paint the outside with any color you want and then fill the inside (the hollow part) with any fake flower arrangement you can think of. To amplify the fancy mood even further, add some LED strip lights surrounding the letter and let it glow.

Rustic Wood Shelves

A fantastic recycling tip: always save your extra wood for use later. Case in point, plank woods can be assembled to make a functional decor, like a rustic wood shelf. Fashion it in any shape you want, be it a triangle, a pentagon, rectangle or square. Add layers so it can hold a lot of your mementos. Since its rustic, the more rugged it looks, the better so hammer the surface some more. To finish, stain it with wood varnish and add the necessary hardware so it will hang securely on your wall.

Geometric Artworks

If you have a lot of spare paints, don’t let it just dry up on your storage. Feed your creativity by making your own art! If you just want something simple and colorful, lay out a bunch of painters’ tape in different directions on your frameless canvass. Paint the untaped portion with different colors. Give meaning to your creation by checking out our article here about what color signifies. For a bit of glamour, add some glitters to your paint or use gold-colored paint if you don’t have any. Dry it out and hang. Start with a small canvass for practice and then work your way to larger ones.

Shady Lamps

Give character to your store-bought lamps by changing the shade. Off-the-rack table and floor lamps often comes in an off-white shade, which is an invitation to give it a bespoke look by painting over it. You can also change the fabric to any cloth or textile of your choosing. If you have a lamp with a wooden base, depending on the design of the wood, you can also have that re-stained or painted over to give it a unique, distinct feel. To see more lamp designs that will go well with today’s modern homes, check out our online shop to see our collection of lamps that will surely foster grace and taste to your interior. 

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This post is also available in: Español

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