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14 Rousing Decorating Advice To Liven Up Your Hallway

By Michael's Superstore

September 10, 2019

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Hallway, passage, corridor. In architecture, a hall is defined as a large area enclosed by walls and usually with a roof. Inside a home, the same space after you entered the front door can be referred to as a passage, corridor or hallway.

There's not much you can do when it comes to styling your constricted hallway, but we beg to differ. The narrow passageway that leads to the different areas of your dwellings doesn’t have to be dull and boring: you can make your corridors harmonize with the rest of your decor.

If you want to give your home a good makeover and looking for ideas to make it more fashionable, then you are in the right place. In setting up the least used area of your home and styling your hallway to be as fetching as it can be, let these fabulous decorating tips be your guide in livening up your space.

1.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

​Put some of your most sophisticated furniture and accessories in your hallway. A gilded full-length mirror and a modern coat rack hanger in a brass finish would make an appealing decor in a long wall in a raw cement finish.

2.  Be proud and loud. 

Decorate your hallway using your self-made art pieces, sculptures, and paintings and transform your narrow passageways into a one-of-a-kind art gallery. Not only displaying your art would make your hallway much more interesting, but it will also add character to your home that truly reflects your style.

3.  Don’t forget to look back.

Instead of oil paintings, scribbles, and doodles, create a photo collage on the wall of your corridor starring the most wonderful pictures of your family and friends and the good times you always want to remember.

4.  Listen to mother (nature).

Enhance your passageways with plants and shrubs that will thrive in an indoor setting. Set them up using mid century planters in a solid wood stand to reinforce the wow factor. Putting plants inside your home has its benefits and breathing clean air as you stride along your hallway is a big plus.

5.  Be bold.

Dazzle your guests with a crystal chandelier that will add sparkles in your hallway. A chandelier made of dark-colored crystals would make such a strong connection in a hallway with white walls and black wainscoting panels.

6.  Be adventurous.

Take anyone for a magic carpet ride with a Persian Rug lining along your long corridor. Using carpet is one of the easiest ways to dress up your hallway floor that doesn’t require much labor. For more ideas on when to use carpets, check out our previous post about carpets and rugs.

7.  Keep an open mind.

Is your hallway too narrow? Don’t let the limited space put a damp on your interior style and paint your ceiling and both walls at the end of the corridor using the same accent color for a more polished look.

8.  Glow up.

Instead of using baseboard to define the architectural details of your home, create a recessed at the corner that meets the wall and floor and install an LED strip light to imbue your passageways with a soft, warm glow.

9.  Be playful.

Think of your hallway as a primer on what your guest will see on each of your rooms and place a piece of furniture or accessories that represent those rooms in terms of style and showcase it in your corridor. A little mix and match in your corridor would make a great way to tie your eclectic home styling like a big red bow.

10.  Let it slide.

If you need access to a certain area of your home where you need a large entrance and a pair of swinging doors won’t just do, consider using a sliding door made of glass or perhaps a barn door made of wood. This is perfect for hiding your laundry machine and you want to maximize the use of your hallway.

11.  Open up to the world.

Fortify the well-collected look of your home and use accents like Spanish tiles, wicker furniture, or accessories made from native materials in small areas like your passageways and corridors.

12.  Be well-rounded.

To brighten up your claustrophobic hallway, a well-placed mirror will help bounce off light even in the gloomiest corners of your home that the sun cannot reach. A large round mirror on top of a skinny console will do that, and its inviting enough to get a glimpse of yourself every time you head out of the house. Get any of our mirrors and dresser set that are so versatile, you can put it anywhere like in your bedroom or hallway area (link).

13.  Show your true colors.

Don’t be afraid to show your real self and let the color of the walls of your corridor say it on your behalf.

14.  Save the world.

Flash News: recycling wood does help save the environment. Breathe life to old doors and windows and use scrap wood and other recyclable wood products and turn them into furniture and accessories to give your passageway a bit of a rustic, homely feel.

Got more tips on making the most out of your hallway? Share your ideas with the rest of the internet in the comment section below. And Don't forget to follow our Instagram.

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This post is also available in: Español

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