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Give Me The Skinnies: Theming Your Hallway

By Michael's Superstore

November 2, 2019

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Time for a hallway (hallway design) makeover! But first things first: what exactly is a hallway in a house?

The definition of the hallway in today’s modern architecture refers to a passage beyond the front door (entrance) inside the house that leads into different rooms. Hallways, corridors, and passages, interchangeable as they are, have come a long way from its original description. According to Wikipedia, the history of hallway came from a time that areas or rooms of a large manor were built around private open spaces, often called a courtyard or great hall. Typically denoted for the use of wealthy property owners, soon after the lower classes began needing different chambers inside their dwellings, prompting the need to have a common walk path to access each different areas.

In a house with different types of rooms, the most logical way of creating the look of your hallway is addressing the design with a holistic approach. In this scenario, referencing the style of those areas in the design of your hallway can give clues on what lies on the other side of the door. For example, a tropical-styled hallway can lead to a tropical-styled bedroom. On the other hand, you can go on a different route and create the opposite look for your hallway leaving your visitors guessing. For some wonderful hallway designs for your home, here are some fabulous ideas to get you excited.


Infusing your home with a modern feel can be as easy as 1-2-3. One, instead of using ceiling lights to provide general illumination, sidelights along your walls provide the same functionality and give your hallway a futuristic edge. Two, modern finishes like specialized paints, even wallpaper prints with geometric patterns, will do the same. And three, modern-style furniture pieces like benches and wall mirrors will bestow your corridor with a trendy aesthetic.


For an unusual hallway interior (hallway design) that will dazzle your visitors, get into the ongoing fad and use “greige” for your walls. Greige is the hue that perfectly balances grey and beige, giving your walls a richer color that you can work into cool and warmer interior color schemes. Create your own concoction of greige color by mixing your own using more greys (cooler) or more beige (warmer) paint ratio based on your preference. 


Feeling a bit more classical? Let the Victorian Era begin. If watching The Crown on Netflix inspires you to have an elegant-traditional hallway that leads to your equally sumptuous bedroom, then go for it. White trimmings, glass chandelier, black and white floor finish, and corbeled arched doorways are just some of the elements you will be needing for your glamorous setup.


Lighten up your dark hallway by introducing colors! Yes, livening up your sad hallway with the use of different hues will not only make your hallway more interesting, if done right, colors it will also add character to your passageways. Check out our article about what colors says about your bedroom to give you an idea of what it can do to your corridors. Click this link here to read that article.


For a show-stopping entryway, a black and white gallery wall would make such a fascinating focal point to a Scandinavian-styled hallway (hallway design). Get your walls and ceiling in matching crispy white paint, devoid of trimmings and moldings while accompanied by hardwood floors in a natural or bleached-wood finish. For a pop of color, add some greeneries in concrete geometrical vases in one of the corners.


If you prefer keeping your home’s over-all styling in the rustic side or just want to have something out of the blue and have a rustic-styled hallway, it is all up to you. The best way in doing either of this fr your entryways, especially if its narrow, are incorporating rustic elements through your furniture and accessories. Instead of adding rustic facets and fixing them permanently in your walls and ceiling, keep things light and tasteful with rustic-inspired decor and fixture. Furniture that is not too chunky but with natural wood texture falls in this category.


Somehow similar to rustic but a bit mellow and more relaxed, you will find a lot of country-style hallway inspirations anywhere you look. From printed magazines to online pinboards, the simple and modern decoration of a country-styling is truly inviting and revitalizing. Get the look with the use of pastel colors for the walls and ceiling, recycled wood furniture, and lots of nature-inspired ornamentation.

Shabby Chic

If rustic is a bit chunky for you and you find country seems a bit common, you can opt for a shabby chic hallway to level up the allure of your paradise. A softer, more opulent than cottage-styling, you can fashion yourself some neat DIY decors by making new items look old or repurposing vintage items into modern accessories that are uniquely yours. Different sizes and shapes of distressed picture frames in matching color and wrought-iron floor lamp body made into a coat rack may come to mind. Vintage sewing machine base transformed into a console table? Absolutely grogeous.


Looking for something with a nostalgic feel and an undeniable retro vibe? Make the most out of your hallway setting by showcasing your love of vintage furniture and decor. Get the 1930’s look imbued on your passageways by employing simple lines, candy-colored accents, and taking advantage of repeating geometric motifs on your floors and walls, To bring in the authenticity, shop for some quirky decorative items on flea markets and thrift shops.


For a unique hallway styling that that is distinctively yours, try combining any of the styles mentioned above to create an unusual look that will jive with your home styling. Try adding a bit of each style until you come up with something that feels appealing to you. The good thing about this approach is you can always add and edit furniture and accessories along the way to freshen up the look of your hallway. Your house, your rules.

Need more furniture ideas in creating an eclectic look for your hallways? Check out our online shop for more of our enchanting furniture and home decor selection, only here at Michaels’ Superstore.

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This post is also available in: Español

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