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Stunning Console Tables Ideas For Your Hallways And Passageways

By Michael's Superstore

February 8, 2020

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In a home, every nook and cranny are all equally important and a welcome opportunity in sweeping your guests off their feet. Whether you have a soaring modern loft or a cozy rustic retreat, your hallways and passageways sets as a preview of your decor for the rest of your home. These often narrow spaces are not only necessary for a home setup with multiple rooms, but they are also the perfect spot to showcase a statement furniture setting. In creating a wonderful transitory area for your residence, take a cue from this compilation of amazing console tables for hallways (hallway furniture).

Sleek And Metal

Intensify the graceful character of your interiors with a console table with a thin metal frame and a paper-thin stone tabletop. Painted in black, a console table like this will stand out in a sea of light grey walls and white ceiling. Create interests by matching it with a monochromatic rug that features thin stripes.

Wood And Class ic

Sprinkle a dash of classical aesthetic into your home while showing off your refined taste in old world designs with a wooden console table in deep wenge stain finish. Ideal for formal hallways, it would also make a fashionable statement in modern style interiors. Keep the top free of clutter by accessorizing with just a lamp in a similar finish.

White And Rustic

A console table that features a rustic cross-leg design is ideal for a hallway that is lacking personality and character. Painted in a crisp white finish, it will go well with the detailing of your door and window trims. Accessorize the tabletop with a pair of pewter candlesticks, ceramic white jars, and a glossy brown vase to hold your favorite white flowers.

Elegant And Sculptural

Bring opulence and sophistication to your hallway settings with a classy console table with a metal base that seems to defy the laws of gravity. With a style that echoes the traditional cross-leg design, a marble tabletop will make such a wonderful companion if you have a round large mirror in silver leaf gilded finish. Add a metal lamp with a black shade and a few books to accessorize.

Natural And Country

Inject a dashing and captivating statement in your interior space with a console table that highlights the raw, grainy feel of wood. With turned legs and a secondary bottom shelf, match the hall table with a cross-back wooden chair to bring life to your compact hallway area. Maximize the effect with a pair of wooden lamps with turned base and layering of classical leaf prints on the shelves.

Grey And Modern

Add some understated glamor to your hallway decor with a console table that brings into focus its streamlined silhouette. A wooden table with tapered legs and in a darker shade of your wall finish will echo the refined design of your passageways in a snap! This bold furniture set up in a hallway setting will work well with white floors and large baseboard detailing.

Warm And Scandinavian

Design is all in the details when creating a stylish and trendy hallway. Case in point, a nordic console table made of wood will place perfectly in a hallway that is washed with neutral colors and accessories made of natural materials. A statement mirror in an interesting shape will make a very chic accent.

Distressed And Chunky

Talk about timeless beauty, add a sprinkle of simple sophistication to your hallways with an eye-catching, vintage-style long console table. The utilitarian character of rustic furniture will feel at home in a clean hallway setting. Balance the look with a pair of modern mirrors in thin frames and a matching lamp to juxtapose the antique table’s flair.

Industrial And Tropical

To create an industrial-meets-tropical vibe in your hallway, paint your walls with paneling in dark grey paint. Then place a rustic console table in bleached wood finish. To complete the look, accessorize with a glass vase to hold your fresh flowers and a basket made of woven natural materials to lend your hallway settings a joyful and enthusiastic character.

Utilitarian And Vintage

Add an impressively charismatic contemporary vibe to your hallway interiors using recycled wood. A console table made from old reclaimed wood can easily add flair in any of today’s modern homes. DIY a pair of saw-horse legs and add a matching tabletop to hold your lamps. Keep everything in symmetry with a pair of woven seagrass baskets nicely tucked underneath to hide your small clutters.

Chic And Glossy

A nod to the relaxed modernism of glamorous interior design, reflective glass and smooth finishes are always a favorable addition to any size of sophisticated hallway interiors. For the elegant passageways of your home, place a modern console table in steel legs with tabletop drawers in smooth glossy paint finish against a floor-to-ceiling mirror in your hallway.  Then, accompany it with a metallic ceramic vase for your flower arrangement and a tiered-candle set to elevate the sensual mood further.

Burly And Romantic

Articulate your hallway decor with the effortless style of a console table from the Renaissance era. The sweeping curved legs, intricately carved detailing, and symmetrical features will bestow your home with an instant nostalgic aesthetic. Crown it with a pair of lamps with a glass base and dark, round shade to reinforce a modern yet dramatic look.

Hallways are always a fun area to experiment with. Your furniture pieces and accessories here can be seasonal and you can always update whenever you please. To achieve the most appealing hallway design for your home, check out our wide selection of console tables, sideboards, and sofa back tables, as well as the amazing furniture accents we carry in our online shop, only here in Michael’s Superstore.

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