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Appealing Illumination Ideas To Liven Up Your Hallway

By Michael's Superstore

November 23, 2019

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Installing the right lighting in your hallway is necessary: it helps people see their way and thus prevent any bumps and accidents. Lighting your hallway the right way, on the other hand, can be compared to the proverbial icing on the cake or the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae: it amplifies the style and character of your hallway decor. Simply put, having the right lighting fixture in the right places can make your hallway, entryways, and corridor as admirable as it can be. For awesome lighting ideas for these areas of your home, here are our top editors pick for every home style and use:

Use Black And Gold

Black and gold lighting fixtures are in trend these days, and the reason behind that is that it actually looks good. The combination of matte black and shiny gold metals makes a wonderful example of contrast that when lighted gives the right amount of sophistication to the space it is on. Hang it up on your contemporary or modern style hallway for accent, or to reinforce the look of your rustic and industrial-inspired passageways.

Consider Using Pendant Lamps With Geometric Shapes

Update the look of your plain hallway ceiling with one clever trick: utilize shadows. For a foyer ceiling with nothing but matte white paint, a geometric ceiling lamp with metal frame and glass walls would help add interest to your ceiling by casting shadows. This nifty little technique will give your ceiling depth with minimal effort on your part. Just install the lighting fixture and you are all set. With various designs available, the choices are endless and the appeal is impeccable. 

Make It Sculptural And See-Through

If your hallway is quite spacious and tall and you want something in the side of artsy, we recommend going for one of those pendant lights that are three-dimensional in terms of aesthetic. Either made of metal or wood, these sculptural lighting fixtures are often big thus, look dominant. For a hallway that is minimalist in style yet oozing with personality, a sculptural lighting fixture design will standout without taking too much attention from the rest of your decor.

DIY For Rustic Effect

If you love recycling, Mother Earth can never be so prouder. To reuse wood and give life to it from its previous iteration, you can make yourself a DIY chandelier to match your rustic-style entryways. Fix a few bulb receptacles to a piece of wood, add some jute ropes and hang it securely on your ceiling. For extra authenticity, use an Edison-style LED light bulbs so you and your guests can marvel at your own creation.

Get Them In Threes

To add a bit of modern feel to your traditional or classical style hallway design, a cluster of globe lamps in varying heights installed in your ceiling would make such a wonderful counterpoint to your home styling. The simplicity of its design and the raw feel of its material would juxtapose to the bulkiness of the decor without being too apparent. Set the fixture in odd numbers like in 3’s or 5’s and in different height elevations to maximize the appeal. 

Be Trendy And Industrial

The industrial revolution might have started in the 1800s but its effect will not mellow down anytime soon. In effect, industrial finishes and fixtures have started evading the high-end market and into the interior of today's homes. In fact, the industrial-style interior trend is so prevalent nowadays, you get to see them everywhere you look. Get on board with a few savvy industrial lamps to freshen up the look of your passageways and corridors. If you see an industrial-style lamp but not totally in-love with the finish, you can always repaint it to jive with the color scheme of your decor.

Add A Statement Piece

Lighting fixture doesn’t always have to be up in the ceiling or as lamps, you know. Statement light fixture can be an art itself, providing the basic function of giving off light yet still gives identity and persona to the space. A leaning lamp in the form of a mirror frame (minus the mirror) with LED illumination at the back makes it seems like your wall is part of the fixture. A good example of a minimal style with maximum results, a light fixture like this would warrant the whole hallway for itself. 

Let The Floor Glow

Like previously mentioned, lighting for your hallway doesn’t need to be relegated in the ceiling or through the use of table and floor lamps. To give your hallway a tantalizing zen-like effect, if your space can allow, cut a portion of the floor and have it recessed. Add LED lights to the resulting walls to throw light into the center of the hollowed part and then punctuate it with a sculpture or a plant placed right in the middle. Add some white stones and pebbles for texture.

Throw It On The Sideline

And finally, if you want to add a contemporary vibe for your hallways, lights embedded on your walls would make an appealing choice especially if your hallway is a bit narrow. The series of lights on both sides of the walls will make your hallways look like a high-end gallery and thus, painting, artworks, and other decorative items are fashionable supplements.

These are just some of the wonderful possibilities you can explore in adding lighting to your hallway areas. Of course, a set of table lamps on top of a console or buffet is always a welcome element in any type of home styling. For some wonderful lamps for your living room, bedroom, hallways, or any part of your home, check out our online shop to see something to your liking.

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This post is also available in: Español

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