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Out Of The Box Furniture Ideas For Your Library Area

By Michael's Superstore

October 29, 2019

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Decorating your home’s library area, for most people, is all about showcasing their hoards of books, magazines, novels, and other types of publications in a manner that is useful and easy on the eyes. When your books are all set in their places either on the shelves or bookcases, the next step in completing the design of your library is to invest in a few pieces of furniture to accompany you as your mind delves into the realms of your collection. In filling the interior of your library room with furniture, the right furniture piece you will need will depend on how you want to use your library other than reading. If you’re looking for a companion to your regular reading armchair, here are a few furniture ideas for your library that is worth taking note of.

Reclining Armchair

Library rooms don’t always have to look too stately. It can look formal yet still inviting and comfortable for anyone’s pleasure. A reclining armchair that leans back to a comfortable position with a built-in footrest that does the same looks classic enough for its aesthetic, but thanks to its modern features, it can satisfy today’s backache-ridden readers. With two types to choose from, make your selection between manual and power recliners. Manual recliners are normally cheaper due to their simple mechanism while the power ones have extra features that offer the most comfort.

Suspended Swing Chair

For a more exciting reading nook, suspended swing chairs are a sure hit to both young and wiser bibliophiles. If your ceiling can accommodate, one stationed in the corner of the room will suffice. Some swing chairs also come with their stand, and thus, you can place it in any area you like to read. If your library space is feeling a bit empty, a bigger version like a swing bench is a favorable option.


Used as a bed as well as for lounging, reclining and seating in common rooms, daybeds are just as wonderful in a library area. Having a daybed in your library is like having a chaise lounge, couch, and a bed in there. Best for taking a quick nap after those long hours of reading, a daybed is a must-have if you spend a big portion of your time in your library room.

Bistro Dining Table And Chairs

Not to shy away from having a few snacks while doing your reading? Who wasn’t, am I right? A set of bistro chairs and a low round table would make an elegant addition to a country-style library interior. Dining chairs covered in grey velvet upholstery would look so sumptuous along with a table base in wrought iron and wooden top combo. Complete the look with a succulent centerpiece.


A staple of English-style library interior, chesterfield sofas and matching club chairs would always make an appearance in this type of setting. If you’re more into a traditional-style library interior, something similar to a tufted leather sofa is another viable option.  For something more modern, look for a sofa with simpler lines and clean silhouettes to match the decor of your library. Prefer something rustic? Ask for a sofa with an upholstered seat with a carved wooden frame to complement the farmhouse aesthetic of your library.

Book Island

If you have piles after piles of books and looking for something horizontal to display them, let a regular bookcase stand on its side as a makeshift kitchen island, but for books! Fashion a few caster wheels with stopper to make your book island easier to move and glide on the floors when needed. The extra tabletop it provides would come useful as well as a desk or for displaying decorative items like lamps and more volumes of your collection.

Stools, Poufs, And Bean bags

For the kids and teens of the house, if the swing chair mentioned above feels a bit distracting for them then a few bean bags and animal stools would make an equally interesting replacement. Still on the fun side and especially for the bean bag, sitting for longer hours would feel so therapeutic that they wouldn’t want to leave their post. Bean bags will also sit well with adults as it helps reduce tension and follow the contours of the body for a more relaxed sitting position.

Writing Desk And Writing Chair

For a home library that also doubles as a home office, the tandem of a writing desk and writing chair is as important as its placement. For this set of furniture, you can opt for something modern to compliment your library’s existing design or as a juxtaposition to a traditional-style library interior. For a statement piece you can incorporate to your library interior, a secretaire or a desk dresser paired with a vintage chair will also fit the bill. Perfect for a library that is also an office, a library with a writing table and chair setup would all make an appealing study room for your kids and their classmates.

Did this post get you excited in completing the furniture arrangement of your library room? Check out our online shop for our fabulous selection of home and office furniture that will intensify the well-collected look of your library area.

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This post is also available in: Español

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