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13 Elegant Home Library Design Ideas

By Michael's Superstore

January 18, 2020

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Books are not only for the mind, people. Books, novels, and hardbound-covered magazines are excellent home decor accessories that will lend a meaningful character to your space and gives an insight into your personality. As a design feature, your books and any reading materials displayed beautifully will enhance the appeal of the room it is in, and as such, makes your home library the brawn and brains of your residence.

There are a lot of ways you can design your home library: basic, modern, rustic, and the list goes on. And nowadays, you don’t even need a dedicated room to showcase your awesome book collections. In this post, we’ll tell you how to make an elegant home library design for every nook and cranny of your home. Let us begin.

Modern Library Design

In creating a modern home library, one of the most important elements to consider is the lighting. Wall-to-wall bookshelves encompassing all sides of the room would make a great backdrop for your furniture seating in contrasting colors. Illuminate all shelvings with discreet lighting for a futuristic, glowing effect. Spread out your volumes to maintain the plain, minimalist feel.

Library With Vaulted Ceiling

If you have a dedicated library or office in your attic, you can create an eye-catching wall of books by following the sloping lines of your ceiling. Fill one side of the wall with books in varying colors from the floor up to the ceiling and accentuate the awkward niches with mementos and vases. You can also divide your attic and have a door within your wall of books for a more dramatic effect.

Loft Home Library

Most loft design you will see in Pinterest and Google Images features tall blank walls with some artworks and expensive finishes. Make the most out of the tall walls of your loft apartment by transforming it into your vintage-style library. Color code your books, encyclopedias, and magazines for easy visual identification and add a sturdy and secure rolling ladder to wheel you out from end to end.

English Style Home Library Design

For a formal library home setup, the classic look of traditional spaces has always been the go-to design in creating a masculine, suave home library. Coffered ceiling, wall paneling, window trims, leather furniture in deep colors, and strategic lighting layout are the key elements in achieving this look. Don’t forget the artworks, sculptures, and figurines accents.

Bay Window Library    

If you are serious about the design of your home library and you want the best views of your house can offer, then set up your reading area in the projecting outward space of your house. An oriel window is mostly associated with manors and mansions and the library you will put here would salivate even the most well-read designer. Crown the space with a wrought-iron chandelier and a modern-style lounge chair.

Home Library In The Den

As den is usually a small room of the house, it makes, however, the perfect area in enclosing yourself in solitude along with your books and novels. Line your walls with bookcases from your favorite furniture store and complement it with window treatment from the same hue. Center your furniture seating around a carpet rug, mixing different styles and uniting them through colors. For less distraction, hang a framed mirror instead of a TV on top of your fireplace, if you have.

City Home Library

If you fancy a DIY home library in your city apartment or house, a few metal brackets and plywood are the materials you would need. Just create a grid type shelving in one of the blank walls in your home to hold your books and other accessories. Then match it with minimalist furniture pieces in steel frames and padded seats. To create a more inviting atmosphere, a few pillows and bean bags will suffice.

Stair Wall Home Library

In a small home, every square footage is as precious as gold. In maximizing each corner of your compact house, the order must be maintained without sacrificing aesthetic. One excellent idea is to use the walls of your stairs to neatly arrange your volumes that follow the rhythm of each step. Then you can use the space below the stairs to declutter the rest of your home. 

Zen Library Design

Zen in Japanese language means meditation. When you meditate, you’re at peace. To give your home library a zen treatment to match your modern minimalist style, simply arrange your books by height at the wall below your window. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing books in a library neatly arranged according to their size. 

Rustic Setting Home Library

Distressed wood on floors and built-ins is just some of the key elements in a rustic home design. Along with stone finishes, the overall-look of a cabin-type interior is somewhat hard. This style setting can make use of your books as a decorative companion and thus, unifying the look. Soften your rustic library area a little bit using a shaggy carpet and some designer furniture pieces to create an admirable vibe.

Mezzanine Library Design

A house with mezzanine normally is called a loft due to its high-ceiling similarities. Filling up the upper portion of your abode with books and converting it to an office or library makes great use of the area that offers a bit of privacy. To save on space, a spiral staircase also makes a fashionable design feature to add more value to your home.

Nook Library Office

If you have a bonus room that feels too small to become a bedroom or an office, transforming it into a reading nook is a more practical way of showing off your reading collection. A leather chair-and-a-half ( a very spacious oversized chair) and a floor reading light would feel at home alongside a tower of books beside a curtain-less window.

Closet Space Home Library

If you’re like Carrie Bradshaw who prefers book prints than food, turning your extra closet space into a library alley will make perfect sense. As you stack your shelves with your books and prints, let your shoeboxes be the bookends and space filler for the time being. Paint your shelvings in crisp white paint to help make the room feel less claustrophobic.

These are just some of the wonderful possibilities you can explore in adding a library to your home. What part did you like best? Leave a comment below. And for some wonderful furniture pieces to fill your library or any part of your home, check out our online shop here in Michael Superstore to see something to your liking.

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