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14 Awesome Office Design Ideas For Your Den

By Michael's Superstore

February 1, 2020

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Working in the comfort of your own home certainly has its perks, with privacy being on the top of the list. As many people nowadays enjoy working at home -including the employed population- home libraries and study areas have become more of a necessity when planning the room allocation in a house. In designating the spare space you have and converting it into your office, you have to consider your needs and address the functionalities you want to achieve. If you’re eager to find out how to transform your humble den into a part of your working area (home office design), check out these fantastic ideas you can implement.

Industrial Bookshelves

For a well-kept office sans the clutter, you should equip your den with enough storage space to put anything you’d not need out of sight and out of your hair. Start with boxes, cabinets, and bookcases. For displaying some mementos and important books to personalize your walls, fashion yourself a DIY bookshelf using industrial metal pipes. The industrial appeal will go well with the spirit of your working space.

Wooden Dining Table Office Desk

If you have an extra dining table and in need of a desk for your office den, take advantage of the opportunity and use it as your working table. Wooden dining table in deep stain finish like dark brown or mahogany will make a nice counterpoint to a modern office chair for an eclectic-style home office.

Rustic Fireplace

How do you set the ambiance of an office? With a working fireplace, of course. With a rather masculine aesthetic, a fireplace in stone wood cladding surrounded by deep wood finishes can be softened down by the dancing glow of the orange flame. Get a matching desk and office chair in the same hue of the wood stain in your walls for a more unified look.

Attic Office

Convert your spare attic into a den that also houses your workspace (office design). The view of your backyard or lawn as the day changes would make a silent companion as you go  through your deadline. To liven up your office a little bit, display your book in built-in open shelves that follow the slope of the ceiling. 

Cantilevered Desk

A casual home office worker is the type that doesn’t need the regular desk-and-chair setup. If you fail in this category, a cantilevered shelf in a standard desk height from the floor can be your work cubicle. Just pull any chair comfortable enough to sit on during the duration of your working hours.

Hidden Office Equipment

Maintaining a clean working setup free from eyesores doesn’t need to be a chore. Hide your office equipment like printer, fax, scanner, paper shredder, etc in the built-ins of your desk or cabinets. On the same vein, if you don’t like cables and wires dangling anywhere in your desk, invest in smart office equipment so you can access your printers even outside the room through WiFi.

Office and Meeting Room In One

Once in a while, you can expect people to come over to your home for a business meeting. If this is something you know will happen on more than one occasion, equip your home office with a bigger working desk that you can use for a small conference. A few extra stackable chairs and a soundproofed room will come in handy when scenarios like this presents itself.

In The Corner

Maximizing a small den and fitting a regular office setup (home office design) in your limited space can be quite challenging. If you really need a dedicated office and you don’t mind working on a ledge, a corner office setup can be tweaked to look bigger than it is. The trick is to use mirrors on both walls to create an illusion of a ‘wall-less’ walls. If glare from the outside is an issue, adding sheer curtains on your windows will make a world of difference.

In The Closet

As the closet is like a room inside a room, make the most out of your closet space by setting it up as a hidden home office. Given that it is already enclosed, you are guaranteed a peaceful working environment. A few strategic accent lighting and light paint colors on your walls will make your compact area as slick as it can be.

Inside An Armoir

Like a built-in closet, an armoire or any movable closet can be turned into an office space (home office design) that will serve its basic functions. The advantage is that since it's not integrated with the structure of the den, you can always relocate your office anywhere you please. Install wheels on the foot of the armoire for a less hassle way to take your work anywhere in the room. 

Tropical Retreat

Create the right environment in your home office by incorporating plants in the decor of your den. The pop of color and the natural air filtration the plants provide are just some of the advantages of bringing the outdoors into your working area. Tending to your indoor garden is also a nice way to refresh yourself when taking a break from your assignments.

At The Bay Window

If you don’t like the idea of being confined in your home office for a long time, setting up your workstation against the window is a recommendable solution so you can still peer at your surrounding area once in a while. If your den has a bay or oriel window, you can have your working desk built into the niche. For a bit of privacy, adding a window treatment like a roller shade or roman shade will be useful.

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