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Making A Living Out Of Your Living Room Area

By Michael's Superstore

October 8, 2019

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Working at home in your living room (home office) has its perks: you can relax anytime you want; schedule your work the way you see it fit; multi-task your professional responsibilities side by side with your family life and the list goes on. Now, being at home and working in a small confined space is a different story, however. Unlike having a private home office, the biggest challenge in working remotely in your living room is how to keep the amount of distraction you get from your pets and kids. Or so I’ve heard.

Like any other jobs, working at home is about management. More specifically, time and resource management. You manage your time so you can work with minimal distraction and you manage your resources so you can work comfortably. In this post, we will tackle some ideas on how you can do the latter by offering some design solutions so you can work efficiently at your living room area that doubles as your home office.

Before we forget, investing in the necessary furniture pieces so you can work comfortably in your living room can be a bit expensive. But it's a worthwhile investment, especially if working at home is something you plan to do over the years. Instead of working in a ho-hum living room setting, let these interior design tips lead you in creating a more fulfilling workstation right at your living room space.

A desk and a blank wall

Got an extra blank wall? Utilize that sweet spot by having either a vintage-style wooden escritoire against the wall or a modern writing desk facing the conversation area. It's just a matter of preference really on how you want to orient your workstation. Just don’t forget to consider the flow of traffic within the living room. To see more furniture ideas about writing desks, check out our stylish collection of office furniture here.

A sofa back table that doubles as a working desk

Going for a modern minimalist look? A skinny sofa back table at the back of your sectional sofa makes an appealing location to put up a laptop or a tablet so you can finish writing that novel. An adjustable bar stool with backrest makes a good companion in this type of setup. 

A ledge for a couple of home-bound writers

Maximize the whole span of that blank wall in your living room and fashion instead a wall-to-wall ledge to accommodate several seats so multiple people can work at the same time. Great for couples who both work at home, a desk ledge is also perfect for a small family that works and studies together.

A glass-enclosed section for privacy

Need some alone time doing work while also keeping an eye on the kids? Make use of the dead corner in your living room and enclose it with transparent floor-to-ceiling glass to have your small private office that overlooks yet still connected to the rest of the space.

Visually divide an open plan layout

If a glass enclosure does not blend well with you as you prefer to have everything out in the open, there are other ways to visually divide your living room while also giving you that private are you need for work. A series of wood slats, an open shelving bookcase, sheer curtains, and mobile screen dividers are just some of the options you can choose from. Any of these will provide a sense of division that can also add flair to your living room area.

A desk integrated with the entertainment center

Some entertainment centers have an optional desk that you can integrate to it, allowing you to work side by side while the TV is on. A great space-saving feature, an integrated working desk also hides in plain sight thus giving you more time to focus on your work instead of keeping the design of your home office space always on point. For some amazing entertainment centers for your dwelling, check our wide selection of home media centers and entertainment cabinets here.

A small closet with doors

Got an extra broom closet or an extra mobile cabinet? Convert it into your own private office right there in your living room space. The good thing about this setup is you can just close on the door and hide your work clutters in a jiffy. 

Built-in table against the window

For a more refreshing work setup, a custom-made table set on your bay-style window area makes working at your living room (as home office) area seem more relaxing as you see the view outside. The changing colors of the day, the movement of the leaves when a gentle wind passes by, and the soft motion of the fluffy white clouds can help stir your imagination as you work.

A sofa cantilevered table that doubles as a roll-away desk

And finally, for that very tight living room situation that a lot of us got going, the advent of cantilevered end tables in these few past years has found its additional purpose as a makeshift working table for home-based office workers. Not only it can be used as a desk while eating in front of the TV, in conjunction of a laptop or a tablet these tables with projecting top also make a practical desk that tucks away without eating too much space.

No matter how tight your deadline is, making the most out of your living room to finish your task has its own rewards. As finding the time to do your work at home is work by itself, we hope some of these tips was able to lend you some inspiration in maximizing your time and living room space.

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This post is also available in: Español

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