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11 Designer Tips On How To Select The Perfect Sectional Sofa

By Michael's Superstore

October 26, 2019

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In any type of room with a seating area, the sofa (sectional sofa)  has always been the focal point of the furniture arrangement as it both highlight the space and define the functionality of the room. In areas like the living room, basement areas, library room, home theater, and sometimes even the bedroom, sectional sofas -due to its size- always makes its presence known. Even when you don’t do a lot of entertaining in your home, guests will always find their way to your sofa. With that, you might want your sofa to be a reflection of your lifestyle to help set the mood. When choosing a modular sofa for any of your room regardless of its style, here are some things you might want to consider.


One of the first things to think about in choosing a sectional sofa is how it will affect the layout of the room. Is the size of the room big enough to fit a sectional seating? What about the flow of the traffic in and within the surrounding of the sectional sofa if you placed it in the center of the room? Is the size of the sectional sofa to scale with the room and to the rest of the furniture? If the answers to these questions are favorable, then you can go ahead with the rest of this checklist.


Comfort first, as they always say. What use of the sectional seating area if it looks good but feels awkward? When most people do their shopping for a sectional sofa either online or in a physical store, feeling the texture of the upholstery combined with the softness of the foam underneath is what helps them to determine their compatibility with the sofa despite and in spite of what its appearance is. Have you ever seen a weird-looking sofa that is surprisingly feels so comfortable? That could be the one.

Size: Large

In creating a welcoming scene out of an airy living room or basement area, a large sectional sofa can do the job singlehandedly. The good thing about a sectional sofa is the flexibility of its configuration. You can add as many components as you wish to accommodate as many seaters as possible. You can also easily rearrange the layout of the sectional sofa to give your space an instant, fresh look whenever needed. With is puzzle-like grouping, that alone is a reason to opt for a modular sofa to fill a large space.

Size: Small

On the other hand, for constricted areas, a sectional sofa is also a noteworthy option. With the reasons previously stated above, just choosing the right number of modules can aid you in maximizing the seating capacity out of a small floor plan. Whether you just need a 2-seater, 3-seater, an L-shaped corner sofa with a satellite chaise, a sectional sofa might be your best choice.


If you are on a budget and still prefer a sectional sofa to make the most out of your space, DIY-ing a comfortable sofa out of recycled wooden palettes, thick foam, and fabric upholstery can make a great weekend plan. If you’re really into making upholstery furniture, a fully-covered sectional sofa using either leather and fabric, or perhaps even tufted, is a task worthy of your time.


For an extra element of masculinity you can infuse into your home decor, a leather sectional sofa makes a rather handsome addition to any type of interior styling. Covered in animal or faux leather, sectional sofas with these types of upholstery will add a sophisticated ruggedness to your haven. Easy to clean, sectional sofas in leather upholstery will fare well in colder climates.


An all-around color that will adapt to almost any interior color scheme, a grey-colored sectional sofa is widely available and mostly preferred for its neutral hue. As a great backdrop to compose any types of pillow arrangement, sectional sofas in grey fabric upholstery -or any other earth tone colors- will help reinforce the charm and character of your space.


With the capacity to lean back into a reclining position, a reclining sofa is a step-up from the regular, non-reclining ones. This type of sectional sofa is an absolute delight for resting your back completely while sitting. With good lumbar support, some models even have different reclining settings to meet everyone's comfort. Choosing one for your home, however, you have to consider the durability of the mechanism and the location of your home. Pro tip: most metal mechanism disintegrates faster on salty environments like in coastal and beachfront settings. Check with your furniture dealer for their recommended reclining modular sofa for these types of areas.


U-shaped sectional sofas, due to its inherent size and large area coverage, mostly find its way in spacious living room settings. Placed in an island-type layout in the middle of the room, it can also be pushed back against the walls if needed. If your place can accommodate a u-shaped sectional sofa, keep in mind the two things that will make it visually appealing to your setup: symmetry and scale.

With Chaise Or With Ottoman

More of a preference, selecting between an additional chaise or an ottoman will also depend on the size of the area where you will place your sectional sofa. A wide range of sectional sofa models has a satellite ottoman that converts to a chaise when combined with the right portion of the sofa. Some models even transform the whole sectional sofa into a bed when clustered together. 


Mostly found in celebrity homes and glossy magazine covers, if a curved sectional sofa appeals to you and your home, go for it. There is a big chance however that you have to order this type of sectional sofa on a custom-made basis. For real DIY enthusiasts, throw this one in your to-do list as well.

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This post is also available in: Español

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