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Quick Guide To Picking The Perfect Rug For Your Home

By Michael's Superstore

May 5, 2020

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A perfect rug can turn any space into the prettiest area of your home. Interior designers suggest the use of rugs in every house, whether big or small.

Traditionally, rugs were not so popular as a decorative accessory. The rug market was very limited then and it was difficult to find a huge variety of rugs of vibrant colors and materials.

Eventually, people realized that rugs can be an item of attraction. Fortunately, the mindset is changing and more people are interested in decorating their houses with rugs. Today, people from different countries are loving the beauty that they give to furniture pieces and interior. Let’s have a look at some tips we have for you if you decide to buy the perfect rug for your house.

Define Space And Add Variety With Rugs

There are certain spaces that require definition such as large rooms, studios or dining areas. Along with providing the definition to the area, it makes the room chic and classy.

Why use a single piece, when you can use two. This will provide elegance to the interior by cutting a single space into two parts. But make sure that the size of both the rugs is the same. In order to add drama to the room, you can use two different colored rugs.

Believe In Equilibrium

While using more than a single piece of decorative rug, you can create a mismatch here. Do not spoil the look and pick the rugs that complement each other in terms of color schemes. In order to avoid an unpleasant look, match the style of the rugs as well. Complement the color scheme of the room with the rug and then pick the one that goes with it.

Your Rug Must Be Family Friendly

If you have pets and children in your house then it is surely a test for the rug. It must be capable of bearing the daily wear and tear making it a perfect option available.

That is why the fabric of the rug must be chosen keeping such factors in mind. According to interior decorators, the first thing that must be kept in mind while purchasing a rug is the lifestyle of the individual or family. Wool rugs are easy to maintain and clean. The pattern of wool rugs makes it easy to hide stains, spills, shedding.

It Should Be As Bold As You

Why choose something uninteresting or boring when you can pick something bold and has a vibrant color with impressive features! It is your time to break free from your comfort zone and start exploring new patterns, colors, and fabrics! It can be the center of attraction for the visitors. Do not hesitate to use some bold patterns if you are a pattern lover. It will definitely give a unique look to the interior.

However, do not overdo it. Doing something different and creative is always good but going overboard will make it look odd.  

Volume Is Important

Well, it’s all about taking care of the volume that is required in the room. Keep it quiet or turn the volume up visually, the choice is all yours. Take the decision according to the need.

If the walls of the room have too many colors then a plain one is the best rug for you. Do not play with colors when it comes to picking a perfect rug. When the walls of the rooms and furniture pieces are light-colored or neutral-inspired, then it is better to think about colors while choosing the rug. This way you can add exciting colors to the interiors. This keeps the room warm and comfortable.

If you are moving to a new place, then make sure that you get the rug first and do the rest. It is that part of the decoration which must not be avoided. If you get the rug after the entire furnishing is done, then you need to search for the perfect rug that matches the interiors. It will probably be difficult. Sometimes it takes months to get the perfect one for the house.

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