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Designing A Kids Room Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy

By Michael's Superstore

August 7, 2019

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Styling your kid's room specifically for your fragile little ones are no easy feat: first and foremost, safety is the most important aspect; second, it has to help them nourish their physical and mental development, meaning, they should be able to sleep soundly at night and yet, they still have ample space to entertain them and do fun activities during the day. If you don’t have enough rooms in your house to accommodate this setup separately, then how exactly do you come up with a magical room that offers both?

When creating a ​kid's room experience​, you just simply address the things they need and start working around your obstacles. Of course, kids of all ages and gender have different needs that are ever-changing as they grow. By starting with the very basics, you can build and add as you go along the way. Start with a sturdy bed and an easy to organize closet and you’re pretty much set. By focusing on the basic needs of your children, it will bring your attention to the other aspects that they will soon be needing.

So if you have set up the basics, then we can start the fun. Prepare to embark on a creative journey that is truly special, focusing on unique ideas to liven up the space of your little ones. Don’t forget to buckle up your seat cause we are in for a ride. Ready? Here. We. Go.

Rooms for Boys

Barn, Fort or Ship: Turn your kids’ bunk bed into a barn, fort or a ship. Keep one of either portion open and enclose the remaining one with a swinging double window. It provides privacy and an added safety feature if the enclosure window is placed on the top bunk. For durable bunk beds that your kids will enjoy day and night, check out our Affordable Bunk Beds section.

Wall Climb: If you have an empty blank wall, make use of it as an indoor wall rock climbing spot! Again, safety first. Recycle your unused mattresses as their landing area. Just fasten the mattress and the climbing holds into place and you’re all good. If you need a professional to do that for you, don’t hesitate to ask your nearby handyman.

Net and Gymnastic Rings: If the ceiling of your kid's room is strong enough to support it, a DIY gymnastic ring made of thick jute rope and wooden rings makes a great fun addition for their room. A cargo net made from thick rope and securely installed in the ceiling also makes a fun energy burner so they can scale the ceiling like a pirate.

Batcave: A bed placed against the wall is an awesome opportunity to create a secluded cave. Just place an arc above the bed and enclose the wall and ceiling to darken the area and complete the look.

Rooms for Girls

Suspended Swing Chair: As mentioned previously, if your kid's room has provision to support weights, a swinging chair suspended in the ceiling is a fun addition you can implement to give their room a playful, easy-going vibe. An old tire or a piece of wood and a thick rope is all you need.

Fairy Lights: This one is pure magic if implemented correctly and safely. A few sets of twinkling lights draped all over their bed simply works wonders. Just make sure the light is in good working condition to avoid any accidents.

Big Doll House With Kiddie Furniture: Go big or go home, but in this case, in a very big dollhouse inside their room complete with kiddie furniture for their pretend barbecue and tea time with friends.

Musical Stage: A star is born, alright. A step-up platform, a microphone, and a spotlight placed in the corner for a daily open-mic session for your little pop star. For lessening the noise and echo in their room or your bedroom, check out our post in soundproofing your bedroom with style.

Shared Rooms

Green Wall: Introduce your kids to their nature-loving side with a green wall installed in their bedroom. It makes a good air cleaner and they can take care of it and see their plants grow like a pet. Just don’t let them get too attached as some green wall plants make a really good salad.

His-and-His, Hers-and-Hers, His-and-Hers Workspace: Designate a corner of their room as their play area that will allow them to have a sense of personal space. They can each have their desk and drawers where they can study and play. Anoint them the responsibility in keeping their area tidy and clean so Mommy will have more time to relax.

Chalkboard Wall: In place of a wall climbing activity, use your blank wall as a canvass for your little one's imagination. Let them exercise their creativity whenever it strikes. A chalkboard wall is easy to clean and would make a great venue for doodling kids. Bonus tip: a blackboard wall also makes a great accessory for playing charades with the whole family. 

Bed Slides: Slip and slide you say, more like Sleep And Slide. The ultimate fun addition to any kids bedroom with sharing occupants. Need we say more?

Small Rooms

A Reading Nook: For bedrooms with limited foot traffic but with kids who love to explore, a reading nook makes a great addition so they can explore at their own pace and let their imagination go wild without needing too much space. Introduce them to reading books for a habit they will bring when they got older.

Maximize Space: For a really limited bedroom space, multitasking is a must. One fun idea in maximizing a small kids room is to incorporate storage around the bed that will also act as a fort or as a cave (see item # 4). Ask your local carpenter to build you a three-in-one bed with a fort and storage for their books and toys. For additional storage space that will look good wherever you place it, check out our selection of Chest Drawers.

Let The Sunshine In. Small rooms can take advantage of a window to let natural light and fresh air in. An essential to keep animal and plants alive and healthy, natural light makes a great way to make small bedroom spaces achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere that you and your kids will surely enjoy no matter the design is.

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This post is also available in: Español

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