15 Iconic Lamp Ideas For Your Bedrooms

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lampHome accessories are like pieces of jewelry to an outfit: they complete "the look". Table lamps, however, are much more than accessories (lamp design). The added function is indispensable and most times, are right down necessary for the room. In supplementing the decor of your master bedroom or guest bedroom, here are some lamp ideas you can explore.

Textured Abstract Wooden Base Table Lamp

With a sheer light-grey linen for a shade, a table lamp with carved wood base will blend flawlessly together. For added texture, look for lamp bases with simple lines like a ripple or repeating geometric shapes. Pair it with a slightly tapered drum-shaped shade to reinforce the modern look.

Short Ceramic Base Night Lamp

A short lamp will work well in small bedrooms, like in a kids' room or a guest bedroom. A small table lamp with a base made of ceramic exudes formality but with a bit of fun side to it. Match it with a drum-shaped beige linen shade and place it on top of a wooden nightstand in wengué stain finish.

Tall Dark Cement Base Side Lamp

If you have a high ceiling for your master bedroom or guest bedrooms, tall elements like the body of your night lamp can help when playing with scale. For the base, the smooth texture of the cement and its non-gloss surface finish will stand out in a sea of neutral colors. For a little quirkiness, pick the one with a tapered body that caps off with a semi-round top where the bulb sits. A standard cone shade in white fabric covering is perfect for contrast (lamp design).

Ribbed Base Bedside Lamp

To give your bedroom variety when it comes to lines and shapes, look no further than a table lamp with a ribbed base made from white cement. The visual texture of its tactile surface somehow echoes a stack of stones in a Zen spa garden. For the shade, look for a drum-shaped shade that sits on metal pegs for added interest.

Weathered Turned Wood Base Night Lamp

In creating a chic master bedroom or a vintage-style guest bedroom, repurposing old items and giving them new life will lend your room a bit of character. If you like DIY items, utilize an old wooden balustrade or distress a turned wood and make it into a fashionable antique table lamp. To give it a bit of sophistication, pair with an extra-large drum-shaped shade in satin fabric covering.

Modern Simple Gold Base Side Lamp

For a bit of sparkle, you can opt for a steel metal base for your bedroom table lamps (lamp design). To give your master bedroom decor a bit of an edge, get a pair of tall table lamps in gold steel finish for its body and top it with crisp white linen cone shade.

Limestone Base Table Lamp

Love the coastal look? Crown your bedroom space with lamps with a body made from limestone rocks. Then pair it with ivory white fabric shade in a rectangle-shaped design. This combination is easy on the eyes and will help give your room a cool, ethereal look.

Copper Hammered Base Bedside Lamp

A beautiful bedroom is the sum of all its elements. Complement your bedroom arrangement with a pair of table lamps in hammered copper bases as a statement piece. The metallic surface is timeless and the hammered effect will add texture to the lamp body. Any shape of shade will work just fine, in either cream or white fabric.

Geometric Ceramic Base Side Lamp

A welcome addition to any type of bedroom interior, a multi-faceted lamp base will make any space look dapper with the play on light and shadow. Adorn it with a cube shade in cream linen to match. With a glossy finish, a sculptural ceramic table lamp like this is an accent by itself and will blend in today's modern bedroom design.

Rose Gold Sculptural Base Table Lamp

A hallmark of exceptional design, sculptural metal lamps are all the rage in contemporary bedroom spaces. Like an art installation, any metals in rose gold finish will turn any bedroom into a chic, modern splendor. To maximize the effect, an empire square-shaped shade in satin black covering is all you need.

Solid Wood Base Night Lamp

With a masterfully handcrafted base, a lamp with a wooden base will be eye-catching for all the right reasons. With a quirky and traditional aesthetic flair, a turned wooden lamp base will shine the light on the natural graining of the wood. Pair with a simple coolie shade in crips white fabric to permeate a refined and contemporary vibe into the decor of your bedroom (lamp design).

Vintage Mercury Glass Base Bedside Lamp

Simplicity and elegance ooze from antique glass base lamps that features a distressed metallic finish. With a distinctly vintage appeal, a glass base table lamp will look great in any retro or modern style bedroom interior along with a grey hexagon-shaped shade.

Blown Glass And Metal Table Lamp

A beautifully made blown glass base lamp fortified with a well-constructed metal frame in gold steel finish, a Moroccan-inspired lamp like this will give your room all the feels. With a see-through design for its main body, the metal frame and flat base makes an ultra-modern lamp that that deliciously calls to the rich culture of Morocco. Match it with a drum shade in black linen to give your bedroom a bold, daring look.

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