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Illuminate Your Way To A Stylish Living Room

By Michael's Superstore

August 5, 2019

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They say that “If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home” and that couldn’t be any truer. Well-placed lights in your backyard, bedroom or living room not only adds illumination (lighting) to your space but can also help highlight the important aspects of your home. Finding the right lighting fixture may seem a little bit tricky sometimes. If you are in a stump, simply start with your current setup and let that serve as your jumping point in finding the right chandelier, wall sconces, and table lamps to add to your decor. Aside from blending in or standing out in your existing arrangement, selecting the right light fixture can easily reflect your personal style onto your interior.

With a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, lamps and lighting fixture has become the icing on the cake on any interior spaces, so to speak. From chic to classic-style lamps, to rustic up to the avant-garde modern design, there’s a lamp that will surely fit the flair and unapologetic lavishness of your residence. The first thing to always remember when shopping for a lighting fixture is how it will provide you the functionality that you need. Like other pieces of practical furniture, the form should be your second consideration.

With that in mind, check out some of these wonderful ideas on how to incorporate the right lamps and lighting fixture into your home and recreate that boutique hotel-like atmosphere onto your space.


Embedding lights into the ceiling has its advantages. If the space between your ceiling and roof slab has ample space in between for the casing and electrical wiring, recessed lighting makes a great choice to complement a modern-style home or if you’re just going for a clean, minimal look. With the advent of LED lights in the recent years, the linear-type or the regular round and square-shaped recessed lighting now only require the necessary crawling space to a minimum.

For a living room or any areas with an exposed roof slab that also doubles as room’s ceiling, surface mounted ceiling lights are your best alternative in installing an overhead light that is more aesthetically pleasing than an exposed bulb in a socket. With lots of styles available in a range of sizes and colors that will suit any decor, be armed with the area of the room before going to the store so you can get the correct wattage.

Drop lights like pendant lights or chandeliers can make the most out of your space by adding a statement piece to your living room ceiling. From wrought iron pieces to Scandinavian ceiling lamps to Art Deco style lighting fixture, your eye for design is the only tool you need in finding the right design for your home.


For your wall lighting needs, just like the drop lights on your ceiling, wall sconces also come in different styles that sometimes are made to match with a chandelier to form a set. Modern wall lamps whether made in glass, mirrors, bronze or wood will flawlessly accentuate your living room space while shining the spotlight to your taste.

Need a light but with limited wall space? Wall sconces with movable arms make a fashionable choice to illuminate different areas of your home using one light fixture. Place it in between your living room and dining area and focus the lights wherever you need it.

Wall lamps can also be embedded into the wall if there are existing provisions and the architect included it in the design of your house. Minimalist with a bit of sophistication, a tubular lamp or LED strip light on the recessed of your wall will wash the light up for a gradient, ombre effect.


For the reading enthusiast who prefers to read in their favorite chair, a low floor lamp or an adjustable one can make a great accessory in the living room, even in the bedroom or library. The key is to get the one with a wide base so that it won’t easily topple with a slight, accidental bump.

In place of a lamp on a side table, a standing floor lamp makes a great way to balance the symmetry of your living area by having the one on the other end of the sofa sits on an end table. Very stylish!


For symmetry and balance, a pair of matching table lamps on top of matching side tables on both ends of the sofa will imbue a classical vibe on to your abode. For added interest, opt for an open-top lampshade to cast shadow lines on to your empty, blank wall.

To incorporate a touch of class to your receiving area, a pair of lamp with a glass base in classical silhouette will add an understated traditional vibe to your decor. For a more contemporary approach, an all-metal lamp with matching base will infuse sophistication to your home without being too obvious.

In emphasizing the look of your living room, accentuating the composition of the area by using statement lamp pieces are like putting on a pearl necklace while wearing a beautiful gown. Go ahead as long as you are comfortable with the vibe of that antique lamp you had been eyeing on. The good thing about lamps is that they are lightweight so you can always play around with placements.

For DIY fanatics, why not make your customized lamp from scavenge items or flea market finds? With lots of tutorials over at Pinterest, a custom-made lamp would make a great way to recycle some stuff you don’t need and turn them into something useful and stylish.

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This post is also available in: Español

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