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Breathtaking Modern Loft Design Ideas And Inspirations

By Michael's Superstore

November 30, 2019

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Having an open-type floor plan for a home has its advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, you can only have your privacy in the bathroom. In retrospect, everything is free-flowing especially for a unit with a small footprint. With those perspectives, a residential space with a mezzanine like a loft house or loft apartment, therefore, is perfect for use by a single tenant or a couple with no kids. In designing a residential loft (loft design) for use by these types of dwellers, here are some interesting concepts and decor ideas you can use.

Black Ceiling

It may defeat the purpose of having a tall ceiling but painting your ceiling black, for some people, is necessary. Not everyone wants to live in a lofty apartment or doesn’t like a room with a high ceiling. To give the illusion that your ceiling is lower than it is, you can have it painted in black. To some homeowners, however, painting the ceiling black makes it appear taller as it “eases-out” the vanishing point. Check your preference and take it from there.

Brick Walls

A mainstay of most loft designs, bricks have always been present in trendy loft interiors and for good reason! Exposed bricks in modern interiors are reminiscent of old warehouse factories converted to dwelling units by artists who can’t afford a typical house. Today, complementing the bricks with modern finishes in a loft apartment helps emphasize the heritage appeal of the space, giving it an impression of a well-lived home.

Wooden Walls

Give your loft depth by featuring a wooden wall finish. The texture of the wood looks warm to the touch and are visually appealing due to its characters. Wood also has good insulating and sound-absorbing properties. For more tips on how to soundproof your home, check out our post about soundproofing your bedroom.

Picture Gallery

Due to the tall height of the ceiling, the walls on both sides of the loft are perfect for showcasing amazing art. The paintings you will display here doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, your favorite black and white printed photographs on a frame would make such a personal decor that will add charm to the space. Display your picture gallery right beside the stairs so your guest will able ale to appreciate even the smallest details of your collection.

Pool Table On Top

The size of your loft might not be able to fit a swimming pool but a pool table will surely fit right in. Turn the upper portion of your garret into a game room with a few lights, a pool table and a fridge full of drinks. Not a fan of billiards? Table tennis, ping pong or any type of board game will do for blowing up steam after a long day at work.

Garden View

Bring the outdoors into your spacious loft by sustaining some indoor plants. Not only plants will add a pop of color to your home, but it will also help filter the air naturally giving you the oxygen you need. Some plants to consider are dracaenas, philodendrons, ferns, palms, and succulents. If your bedroom is on the second level of your loft apartment, wake up to the view of a green wall overlooking from your bed.

Center Aisles

If you need more bedroom space on your second-floor area and you don’t mind gaining some more space above your lower floor, extend your floor area by utilizing beam supports projecting from any of the supporting walls of the structure. Think of it as a wide aisle at the center connected to your mezzanine. 

Trail Around The Perimeter

A unique and fun loft-style apartment idea you can do for your home is to have a walking path surrounding the perimeter of your second-floor area. It is like a balcony overlooking the lower floor, complete with safety rails. This will make a great way to make the most out of the wall of your loft with gallery displays that are still reachable by foot, perfect for showcasing your prized mementos.

Waffle Ceiling

Having a high ceiling is an opportunity to play with it, not only with the tall walls. Make it count -and masculine- with a waffle ceiling design. If you want a ceiling like this, chances are that you will be needing to build your loft from the ground up as this type of design is integrated into the structure of the building. If the loft structure is already built, you can have the same effect with a coffered ceiling made of wood but instead of staining the wood, paint it with a cement-like finish to achieve the look.

Dedicated Office

If having a game room on your loft (loft design) is not your cup of tea and you’d rather be productive while at your home admiring the view, your own quiet office is the solution you will appreciate. If your loft office has too much space, a receiving area or meeting area would also make a favorable inclusion.

Vaulted Ceiling

For a truly jaw-dropping loft interior (loft design), capitalize on the exposed wooden beams of your pitched roof and let it dictate the rest of your decor. Rustic loft interiors look and feel more like a barnyard home in the county, which would make a gorgeous daily escape from the buzz of city life.

Create Your Own Mezzanine

If you have a multi-level apartment or a house and you wanted -or needed- a loft-style abode, you can convert any two-story building into your dream loft. It might be laborious to implement and your local city code might require you to consult with an engineer and get a permit, but the result of living in the house with the way you want it to be is well worth it. 

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This post is also available in: Español

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