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Charismatic Decorating Tips To Transform Your Gloomy Loft Into A Wow

By Michael's Superstore

September 21, 2019

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A loft by itself is a space that has full of character in its nature, having a stunning open structure but also giving yourself that sense of privacy in your very own haven on the upper floor. The ceiling height is already a sure hit, and the windows will let the light flood in to enhance your astonishing abode. But in the long run, that amount of space with only its bare form can feel all typical and empty. Adding in a touch of your personality here and there can augment it into a place of charm and more importantly turn it into an astounding loft that you’d happily come home to.

While decorating might feel simple at first, the experience can also be quite overwhelming. Holding the final look in mind will aid in maintaining your focus, not to mention having a good strategy in making it into a realization. So, preparing a game plan will keep you organized and well within your budget and taste. Setting a deadline for yourself may help you in giving yourself that right amount of push to complete your dream loft. Though for some, decorating can be therapeutic so it can be an on-going process.

It’s good to tackle your high loft area by area furthermore dividing it by the type of décor or on which furniture or surface to put it on. This can help you decide on which to spend more (or less) on and make your shopping for items with ease as most suppliers categorize their stores in this manner. For example, in the living area, you can begin with soft furnishings such as throw pillows, rugs, etc. Then moving on to deal with the tabletop accessories or perhaps artworks and lighting. Whatever method you decide on, the most important thing is to keep your decorating in an orderly fashion to avoid over embellishment -or worse- over budget.

Emphasizing The Ceiling

The ceiling is always a wow factor in your loft. It can be because of the humbling impression that the lower ceiling line gives upon entry of your space before revealing that full height of your domicile. Or it can also be the immediate intimidation of the high ceiling once entering your space. No matter what kind of structure it is, adding decorative lighting to the ceiling will surely take you and your guests’ experience to the next level.

A modern chandelier or a cluster of timeless pendants to emphasize that height will foster an appeal to be remembered. Just make sure that the proportion is according to the space and hangs at the right level. Also, tone down on the charm in the lower ceilings to avoid stealing the lure from the main attraction.

Adorning The Walls

Dangling lights from the ceiling might be too strong for some people. Hence, another way to emphasize that height without putting too much on illumination is to hang artwork on the expanse of the main wall. It can be systematically arranged like huge triptychs or in a more unconventional arrangement of different sizes of framed pieces. If the budget is too tight, opting for the latter one is a better idea. You can frame any piece of memento, prints or even fabrics that you like.

If you choose to put only a limited number of pieces, consider an asymmetrical arrangement. Lining them up at an angle with your stairway is one way of placing them. Small to mid-sized wall sculptures are also ideal in this layout. If you decide to line them up vertically or horizontally, consider putting them off-center. This also applies if you’re using just that one huge statement piece.

Utilizing curtains will also do the trick of highlighting the span of the floor-to-ceiling space. Draperies are great for these kinds of emphases as it will create the much-needed touch of upright lines when the fabric is drawn. Just makes sure to use a motorized mechanism. This will not only strike an impression but also a practical way of drawing the fabric with ease instead of the manual heaving.

Furniture Placement And Other On-Floor Items

The floor of your loft can accommodate a lot of furniture that can be adorned. You can start by defining each zone. It can be as simple as laying out a rug to outline the vicinity of the living area or even just adding a single floor lamp arching over the dining table. Check out our shop for some furniture pieces we know you’ll appreciate. After which, you can boost it up by getting into the fun part: beautifying the area by adding accents.

What’s so enjoyable about doing this is that you have an on-hand control of rearranging it according to your style and taste. Begin by determining the key furniture in each area. By merely putting on a well-curated minimalistic or decorative scheme on these items can enhance your space into having a focal point of attraction. Having a pillow plan for the bed and sectional sofa, for example. With the right combination of colors, patterns, and sizes that go with the rest of the zone, adding in a lovely throw, you will have the result you envisioned that will be too tempting to resist.

For working zones, plan a tablescape of accessories to create its character. Dining tables are particularly entertaining to do because it’s a mixture of glassware, silverware, foliage, and other assortments. Countertops in kitchens are a hodgepodge for this as well, with a variety of hard finishes from the tools and utensils combined with the softness of food’s diversity. Always opt for the classic finishes when choosing accessories such as wood, metal, stone or glass. This will contribute to that final touch of luxurious vibe to your loft.

Thus, no matter which area or type of furniture you decide to emphasize, remember to plan the styling of your loft sanctuary before you proceed. Decorating can be a big deal, giving almost a complete makeover to your personal space, or it can be as small as placing a simple arrangement of foliage. The goal is to add a personal touch for a charming loft that you’re excited to return to and be proud of.

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This post is also available in: Español

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