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10 Luxurious Foyer Design Inspirations

By Michael's Superstore

January 25, 2020

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Almost any homeowner has that urge from time to time: to wow their guests every time they set their foot right pass the main door threshold and into the foyer. The mix emotions of amazement and surprise from people we either love or trying to one-up makes it worth our while in spending our time and fortune on beautiful furniture pieces and expensive finishes in our entryways. In conceptualizing a grand foyer design for your home, here are some elegant ideas to win you over. 

Symmetrical Stairs

Nothing beats a tasteful addition of functional and sculptural elements into your home interiors, and that is what a perfectly symmetrical pair of stairs are for. The enormous, supremely jaw-dropping architectural marvel sweeping your ground floor area is just a sign of what is more to come for your guests to see.  If done right, a classical symmetrical stair will work well even in most modern foyer interiors.

Wrought-Iron Railings

Design is all in the details when conjuring the aesthetic of your foyer. For a commanding stair design whether you have a pair of stairs or just one, a metal railing made of wrought-iron that extends to the parapet of your second floor will make your foyer interior a sight to behold. Classical or Spanish-style interior design will work well with this type of metal detailing.

Coffered Ceiling

For a touch of refined sophistication and elegance, a coffered ceiling design with intricate molding and wood carving will bestow grace to your classical foyer. Either painted in white or wood stained, the layering of wood, hand carving details, and intersecting lines will give your ceiling the right amount of design cred.

Crystal Chandelier

Add an impressively charismatic vibe to your foyer interior with a hanging chandelier made of crystals. The oh-so delicateness of glass and the glittering twinkle of candle bulbs will bolster the glamor of your space. To make your foyer design even more memorable, keep the walls and ceiling of your foyer in white to match your stone flooring.

Sinuous Staircase

Punctuate the style and personality of your ravishing foyer with a winding staircase. Go for the traditional look by combining wrought-iron balustrade with a symmetrical flight of stairs mentioned above. If you like Art Deco, this is your opportunity in welcoming your guests with a grand entrance. 

Stone Floors

Stone floors are a hallmark of an expensive foyer design. Be a little playful and add some patterns on your stone flooring to soften the look without diminishing the visual impact. Slab of stones in complementing or contrasting colors in a plethora of shapes and patterns are some of your options so you can lend your foyer’s floor design a playful character.

Neutral Color Scheme

For that added style and well-collected look of your interior, implement a neutral-color scheme on your foyer to tie in the design elements within your home. The steps of your foyer stairs can match the color of your hand railing and the flooring of your nearby dining area. A black wrought-iron railing can be a continuation of the black stone border of your foyer's flooring. Your marble floor finish can echo the hue of your walls and ceiling. The possibilities here are endless.

Carpeted Steps

Invigorate the stately vibe of your foyer with a (red) carpet treatment on the steps of your stairs. Matched with copper or brass stair rod bars, a stair runner made of either sisal or fabric will add a romantic, old-house charm to the interior of your homey foyer.

Loft-style Interior

As grand staircase design encompasses the two floors connected by it, a loft-style home or apartment will benefit well with a magnificent foyer design. The element of height will play a major role in creating a mouth-watering foyer and should be considered early on during the construction of your home.

Black And White Floor Tiles

Bring a touch of Old Hollywood style to your foyer space by showcasing a checkered tile floor pattern. The chess-board tile design is a staple in glamorous classical interiors and will blend well with a monochromatic color scheme of your foyer with mirror and steel accents. Supplement the look with wall panelings using black moldings on white-painted walls.

Carved Wooden Posts

If you like rustic designs, put your exquisite taste in the spotlight by featuring turned wooden posts on the support system of your stair railings. The graining of wood and the handmade quality will bring an artisanal vibe to the decor of your country-style foyer.

Persian Rug

To complete the designer-look of your majestic foyer design, complement your spacious foyer with a Persian Rug that echoes the design of your stair runner. The vintage appeal of a handmade Iranian carpet will help ground the flair of your space in a sea of mostly hard finishes. Experiment with colors for a bold, daring look.

In addition to the above design ideas in creating a luxurious foyer for your home, accessories and furniture will go a long way in helping you drive your point. To get some amazing furniture, home decor and accessories selection to fill your foyer or any part of your residence, don’t sweat yourself and check out our fabulous home collection, only here in Michael's Superstore online store.

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