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Fun And Quirky Furniture Pieces For Your Master Bedroom

By Michael's Superstore

November 5, 2019

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For most homeowners, decorating a bedroom (bedroom design) is a fulfilling project that often leads to satisfying rewards. Done right, an ideal bedroom can be so gratifying that sleeping on your bed can serve as one of the highlights of your tiring, long day. Crafting a fun yet relaxing atmosphere onto your master bedroom, you would want to make sure it looks the part while fulfilling its function. For some noteworthy quirky furniture ideas to revamp the look of your bedroom interior, get a load of these funky furniture pieces for your favorite sanctuary.

Spanish Chest Of Drawers

Showcase your eye for design with a piece of furniture that resembles the monster Frankenstein in a Paris runway wearing Gucci. A wooden chest of drawers with different types of knob handles, colorful drawer facades in various Spanish motifs, and caster wheels are just as appealing.

Little Black Dress Of Drawers

Ooh-la-la! Instantly add an interesting visual to your bedroom area with a hanging cabinet that looks like a sexy nightgown. With a provocative silhouette and semi-glossy matte finish, a suspended gown drawer hanging on your wall will feel right at home as a sculptural companion to your space.

Mug Stool

Energize your mornings with a cup of coffee while a teacup stool will keep your tushie warm and cozy. Brighten up the mood of your bedroom area regardless of the season with a backless chair that packs in the right amount of quirkiness and charisma. Made with sturdy fiberglass for its shell, the removable top cushion of a teacup ottoman is just as fetching as its cute little handle.

Flamingo Armoire

Inject a tropical element into your bedroom (bedroom design) styling without compromising function, but with a twist! Organize your delicates and other items of clothing in a 19th-century pull-out chest of drawers that is an artwork itself. Highlighted by its cabriole legs, its glossy grey spray finish with hand painted 3D images of pink flamingos gives it a modern edge that is just very chic.

Animal Poufs

For kids and kids at heart, fun furniture pieces in the forms of various domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, and alike are always a welcome addition for a lively master bedroom interior. Typically made of wood for its base and frame, different colors of fabrics are crafted to create a specific type of animal. Whether it's a lion, sheep, or fox, nothing beats the soft feel and the endearing image that will surely brighten up your space.

Open Shelves With Red Velvet Lining

Looking for something velvety? This one is more of a DIY hack that you can easily incorporate to any of your existing bedroom furniture. Find yourself any open-type cabinets and drawers and line the interior with red velvet fabric for a statement piece that is uniquely by your own creation. Try it out with other types and colors of fabric to complement your current bedroom styling. Wallpapers will make a great substitute as well.

Groovy Vanity Table

If dressing up your master bedroom (bedroom design) is where you get your jollies, we’d say go for it. But you will need a rejuvenated French-style vanity table with built-in mirrors, just to make sure you can accomplish that goal well. The handcrafted appeal, the vintage vibe, and the well-appointed wood detailing will be so hard not to be noticed by your guests. 

Hot Dog Sofa

This one is not for your pets unless you have a Great Dane that needs a large chew toy. Placed at the foot of your bed, a hot dog sandwich sofa would make such a comforting companion while watching TV in your bedroom. With or without the added cucumber and tomato pillow garnish, a fully padded loveseat that looked like a hot dog in a bun is a delightful reminder of how playful and high-spirited anyone can be.

Tractor Bar

Disrupt the monotonous tone of your bedroom interior (bedroom design) by sprinkling it with the subtle rustic charm of a minibar made from recycled grate of a tractor. The grate opens up to reveal storage and with a built-in glass ledges and wine glass holder, your favorite alcoholic drinks can be a part of the decor.

Leaning Wall Armchair

Influenced by a widely popular classical furniture, an antique French chaise lounge got an avant-garde upgrade! Exuding the style and confidence of its inspiration, a sofa-turned-side chair -quite literally- is surely a conversational piece and a focal point all rolled into one functional furniture piece for your boudoir.

Fluffy Armchair

Like a fluffy ball gown, the oversized armrest will feel like you’re sitting between the clouds. Firm and chunky, an all-white wood frame and matching leather covering are outstanding in a class of its own. Eye-catching and on a bit side of glamour, a fluffy upholstered armchair will impart an understated sophistication that will complement a wide range of master bedroom interiors.

Super Thin Gold Console Table

Seamlessly incorporate a contemporary or industrial aesthetic to your home through functionality with a console table that seems to defy the laws of physics. Made of polished chrome gold metal, the frame oozes with a vintage appeal thanks to the repeating elongated patterns in the front. The glass top reinforces the modern flair giving this console table design a mid-century feel.

Octopus Nite Table

Take your beach-style or nautical themed bedroom interior (bedroom design) into a whole new level with an inverted octopus nite table! It's uber quirky and such an eye-catching sculptural that will inject an unexpected fun character to your abode.

As the furniture items mentioned above are all accent pieces, check out our fantastic selection of transitional-style furniture and home decor to underline the sophisticated allure of your master bedroom.

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This post is also available in: Español

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