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Creating A Dreamy Master Bedroom Design From Scratch

By Michael's Superstore

January 28, 2020

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Anyone who likes decorating knows that a little change in the design of your master bedroom is good. However, renovating the overall design of your master bedroom design can be proven to be both expensive and challenging. Unless you have the magic of a thousand sleep fairy, a dreamy master bedroom will take much of your energy and concentration. If you are up for the task and wanted to start the design of your bedroom from the ground up, take note early on that planning is your best ally.

There is surely something tempting about beautiful and well-made sleeping areas. To do so, your master bedroom may need an entirely brand new furniture and accessories if you are really serious with your design undertaking. For a stunning bedroom space you can call your own, here are the 12 lovely master bedroom designs ideas to inspire you in creating yours.

Washed Ceiling

In creating a chic master bedroom, its easy to get carried away with your vintage-style items. To give your modern bedroom styling a bit of sophistication, accentuate your ceiling with antiquated wooden finish. The distressed look will make an eye-catching feature, lending your master bedroom a rustic, old-world feel.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Black and white rooms always have their place on the spectrum of glamour and Old Hollywood stylings. Give your complementary color scheme a modern update by using contemporary elements like thin black frames, all-metal light fixture (in white), and stripes bed runner to reinforce the enviable look you are aiming for.

All-White Interior

Speaking of color schemes, ditch all colors and opt for a room with an ethereal feel by utilizing white as your major color inspiration. Combined with a large window to let in natural light, your stark white bedroom would make it seem like you are sleeping on cloud nine.

Velvet and Leather

Blue and brown are like white and black: they are a perfect color complementary. For a dreamy master bedroom design, accessorize with pillows in various sizes using blue velvet fabric and brown leather for its cases. Soft grey walls and bleached wood finish will make a great backdrop for your tranquil bedscape.

Moon Artwork

Taking a dreamy bedroom in its literal meaning, why not feature the phase of the moon (pun intended) as a supporting graphics on your sleeping repertoire? The white round mass with a textured surface against a pitch-black background makes a romantic companion regardless of the weather forecast.

Tufted Bench Bed

There's something magical about tufted furniture that livens up any space it is in. Case and point, a legless bench with fully upholstered covering and decorated with button tufting will make any bedroom Instagram-ready. Make the most out of your tufted bench by covering it in velvet or suede fabric for an extra luxurious look and feel.

Wooden Mandala Headboard

A geometric symbol representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhism, a Mandala also denotes a dreamer's search for completeness and self-unity. Transformed into a full-size headboard for your King or Queen bed, a hand-carved Mandala figure on your wooden headboard is like a jewel you can crown your well-thought sleeping area.

Pillows As Headboard

For a minimalist look without compromising comfort, forego the traditional bed design by using large pillows in place of a padded headboard. Softer and more flexible in terms of aesthetics, your “headboard” pillows can also double as a body pillow and cuddle buddies on any seasons.

Classical Furniture Pieces

In a bedroom styling, furniture along with accessories are what turns a drab room into a dreamy sanctuary. The key is to stick with the classical style and you’ll never go wrong. Match the fabric and style of your headboard with your bench bed for a unified look. For symmetry, add a pair of nite tables on both sides of your bed. And for the final touch, accessorize accordingly. For classy furniture pieces and accessories for your delightful master bedroom design, head on to our online store here in Michael’s furniture to see some of the wonderful furniture collections we carry.

Feather And Fuzzy Accents

Who wouldn't want a bit of feminine touch every now and then? For a satisfying bedroom design that even Cher Horowitz will envy, marry your feather pillow accents with gold steel nite lamps to add a feminine-meets-masculine vibe to your boudoir. A fuzzy throw and shag carpet might look too much, but combined with a white leather headboard and modern nite tables will balance the flair flawlessly.

Monogram Linens

Having a customized bedroom design not only falls on the boundary of furniture and bed accessories: enter your bespoke linens. Personalized pillowcases, bedsheets, and duvet covers are like ribbons to your bedroom styling if your bedroom styling is like a giant box of chocolate. Needless to say, the more thread count of your linen has, the snugger your bed setup will feel. If you can’t find 1000-thread count linens, satin sheets are your next best options.

Pastel Galore    

A relaxing bed setup starts with how you see your master bedroom. In terms of color, the higher the contrast, the harsher your room will appear. Hard finishes like stone on your flooring or walls are not even a considerable option. Stick with soft hues and pastel tints like baby pink, light grey, and ivory white to conjure a calm and laid-back bedroom area. And to supplement the look, avoid general lighting and opt for indirect lights and table lamps to create a tranquil atmosphere.

In summary, your master bedroom design is effective when it induces rest and relaxation. As every person is different, identify what’s a potent relaxing set up for you and start from here. Nothing is wrong or right in designing your own bedroom. As long as your master bedroom is comfortable and it works for you, that is all that matters. Cheers!

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