Minimalist Furniture With Maximum Impact For Your Basement

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Everyone has a dream. One of the very many aspirations a person can dream about is to live in a house that they can call home. Whether it is a small rental apartment or a sizable property that has three bedrooms, a large chef’s kitchen, and an expansive basement, each of us desire for something that meets our needs for the present, like a home center filled with the right furniture for entertaining guests or a nursery room for playing with the (future) kids.

If you happen to have a basement, chances are you might be using it just for storage. In transforming your basement areas into a place that you can hang out with friends or as an extension of your family room, certain criteria must be met and bringing in suitable furniture in a style that fits your requirements should be one of them. In looking for the right furniture pieces for your basement, you might discover along the way that durability and flair don’t always go hand in hand, especially for a certain style like minimalism. For some wonderful minimalist furniture recommendations for your basement, or for the other areas in your home that can use a bit of a touch-up, here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider.


A sofa with a frame made of sturdy metals can make a great starting point in defining the use and style of your basement. Custom-made 2-seaters, 3-seaters, and even sectional sofas can be painted in whatever color you desire. You can also dictate the type and print of the fabric to be used as covering for the cushions and backrests. In true minimalist fashion, less (aesthetic) is definitely more.

Accent Chair

In the same vein that a sofa uses a metal frame for support, the accent chair for your minimalist basement can also be done the same way. If you’re aiming for a more Scandinavian feel, the use of organic materials like wood for the frame of your furniture also makes a great option in styling your home.

Dining Table

One thing you might notice in creating a minimalist space is that each furniture seems like an art piece. If your basement has enough room for a dining table (and a small kitchen!) for a low-key lunch or dinner, a dining table with a clear glass top and a sculptural wooden base will make your fantasy of dining-in-style a daily reality.


Technically not a piece of furniture, but a lamp within a furniture? You get the idea. Freeing-up space from cluter is the essence of minimalism and a lamp embedded in a side table or a sofa might not be too far fetch. Combine a stick lamp with LED lights to any furniture in this list for a more personalized look.


One of the foster child (or foster furniture) of minimalism, a Mid-century furniture piece like a Barcelona Bench in white leather and stainless steel legs would make a fantastic low-seating addition to strike a casual conversation for any type of gatherings.

Side Tables

This one is fairly easy: a straightforward open-type end table with a distinct form (not too weird but not too loud) and with a few shelves for displaying some collectible accessories. Pro Tip: try to blend your ornaments and decor to the color of your wall to help the table to stand out.

Working Desk

Speaking of open-type, a console table with open shelves (think of it like a pull drawer is missing) can also double as a working desk when you need to do some light office work while you hang out in what appears to be the most stylish part of your home, thanks to this list!

Lounging Chair

If your basement as a reading nook is your idea of heaven, then imagine being cosseted in a metal rocking chair dressed in sumptuous velvet upholstery and being surrounded by deep shelves with only your most selected book titles on display.

Sofa-Back Table

If you think about it, a minimalist style is more about attitude than flair. A sofa table with a metal frame that utilizes a sturdy metal sheet as its top and shelf and decorated with your most personal but color-coordinated accessories speaks volume about self-restraint.

Bed Set

A little Japanese with a sprinkle of Nomadic? Yes, please. An all-wood bed set complete with a bed frame made of palette wood sans headboard and a pair of super-low wooden stools as night tables will make a great corner filler to get your quick nap during Sunday afternoons.


Bookshelves despite what its name suggests can serve a multitude of functionality -if you will just be creative on how to use it. It can be against the wall and just be decorative as it is; a display shelves for your memorabilia and awards; or place it in between rooms as a mobile-divider to provide a sense of privacy for some areas of your basement.

Coat Rack

An excellent accent piece that will make a bold statement in your basement or foyer, a well-appointed coat rack in metal and wood construction provides easy access for hanging your jackets, scarves, and hats. If your space allows it, get one that comes with a bench so your guests or kids can sit pretty while they put on off their shoes before leaving the house.

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This post is also available in: Español

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