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9 Knockout Design Ideas For A Modern Living Room Area

By Michael's Superstore

December 14, 2019

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In today’s modern architecture, the living room (modern living room design) can be identified as the most important part of a residential dwelling. Often called the heart of the home, the living room is used mainly for self-relaxation like watching TV or resting, as well as for entertaining guests.

Sometimes called a lounge, a sitting room, a front room, or a parlor, the living room through its many name iterations has been designed accordingly based on the needs of its primary users and the ongoing design trends. As it was used for various activities, its imperative that its design should be as flexible to accommodate those needs. In creating a bespoke modern living room design for your home, here are some wonderful decorating ideas to inspire you.

Adopt An Open Plan Design

For an open plan living room that may also attach directly to a show kitchen or dining area, keeping a simple design will shine the spotlight on the function of the whole space. With an open plan living room, the ease of access and traffic flow are maximized which makes this suitable for small homes. Accentuate your living room design with custom wall finishes like marble or wood paneling to let your plain white walls come alive without taking too much of the attention.

Reach Out To The Sea

In creating a coastal modern living room design, there are certain elements required that fortunately, are abundantly present. Let the light flood in through your big, floor-to-ceiling windows. If you need privacy, a white sheer curtain will do. For texture, accentuate your ceiling with raw wood false beams that echoes the sentiment of your hardwood floors. And for color, various shades of grey with blue undertone makes a subtle call to the sea. Sprinkle a few nautical decorative items to complete the look.

Indulge In Luxury

Making your modern living room design look luxurious doesn’t need to cost you an arm and leg. Keep it casual with a neutral color scheme and strategic lighting. With the right placement of accent lights and a few sparkles through the use of reflective surfaces like mirrors and steel, your modern living room design will look flawlessly glamorous in a snap.

Use A Modular Sofa   

To easily pull off a modern living room design (interior), your furniture choices make the work cut out for you. For your seating area, a sectional sofa is your best bet in steering your decor of your interior in the right direction. The flexibility of modular sofas also gives you the power to freshen up the look of your living room space by simply re-arranging the unit. 

Make It Country

Modern barn anyone? For a farmhouse-inspired living room that still falls in the lane of modern design (modern living room design), forego with the bulky finishes like stones and wood for its modern minimal counterpart that still exudes the charm of its inspiration. The same thing goes with your furniture and accessories. The idea is to allude to its original design with a look that is more up to date. Textures like leather and other deep earth tones colors are all welcome for a more authentic feel.

Mix It With Classical Elements

What do you get with modern mixed with the traditional? It is called transitional style. For a modern living room look that exudes glamour without compromising comfort, this is the way to go. If this design style speaks to you, you can easily execute it by combining the same amount of modern and traditional decor to complete your living room design. Like Yin and Yang, each style cancels each other out for a visual that is relaxing to the eyes. Complement it with a grey or all-neutral color scheme to reinforce the modern vibe.

Skin It

For a truly modern living room design (interior), minimalist has always been the go-to aesthetic for professional designers. You can ride on this trend by retaining all the bare essentials in your space and call it a day. But it’s not that easy. There’s a thin line between a living room with bare essentials and a bare living room. Keep it classy with trendy furniture pieces, functional furnishing like carpets, curtains, and pillows, as well as sophisticated finishes like glass and marble on your well-lighted living room area. 

Let The Outdoor In

In general, the living area is where relaxation time is mostly taking place to watch TV or hang-out by the fireplace while reading a novel. In cases like these, the feeling of the outdoors inside the home, to some, may help reduce stress a bit further and effectively boost a person’s mood. A few indoor plants is a great way to start while a few furniture accents made with natural materials are also favorable. If the architecture of your house can allow, keep your glass doors and windows free from obstruction to have your vision extend beyond the walls of your living room.

Float Your Built-Ins

The idea of built-in furniture is not something new but what is interesting is how it can be used to sprinkle a bit of enchantment on the design of your modern living room spaces. With a wall-mounted media center, for example, the sight of bulky furniture floating without legs creates intrigue and curiosity. If your living room design toys around with the laws of physics, then it is without a doubt, modern.

At the end of the day, the user of your living room area still boils down to its owners. In designing a modern living room area, it would be best that you factor in the lifestyle of the inhabitants and the beauty of the place where your home is located. Whether you use your living room to cater to large parties with friends or spend some quality time with your family, choosing the right furniture makes a whole world of difference for your modern living room design.

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This post is also available in: Español

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