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Practical Ways To Reinvigorate The Fun Factor Of Your Kid Nurseries

By Michael's Superstore

September 24, 2019

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So, you’ve finally nailed the perfect design for your kid’s nursery. It looks complete, pleasing, luxurious even - everything that makes it picture perfect and social-media worthy. More importantly, it is a corner of your home you designed where you can also enjoy the initial years of parenthood. That is good and all but don’t forget that your baby's room is still a place where your little ones will be spending the first few years of its life learning how to use their senses. Thus, it should aid them in honing their physical and mental skills, with a dedicated area for them to rest. It is, after all, a child’s bedroom.

Typically, putting in bright colors and wall stickers in the wall is the ideal method to decorate a nursery. It is the easiest and most budget-friendly way of making the space appear lively. But bear in mind that adults will also be the inhabitants of this space. It is the grownups who will mind on how it will look. Making it too vibrant may just be a wee bit overwhelming for some. And studies show that infants will only see color by the time they reach the 5-month mark. When they reach their first 12 weeks, shapes and patterns will then be their main focus. Nevertheless, their other senses need to be heightened just as well.

Handling Colors And Textures

There will be countless toys, knick-knacks, and other playthings in various shapes and sizes you can introduce to your nursery area. It may come as a present or you just find it adorable and well-suited for your growing offspring. In coloring your kiddie room, keep in mind that creating a fun space is just as important as having a room that is also comfortable and easy on the eyes. Opt for pastel-colored walls or light-colored wallpapers as the room is half the time an area for their sleeping and relaxation. You can also consider using a neutral color scheme. A light grey, tan, and cream walls will work best.

Sometimes adding color to the theme is still a preference. A monochromatic scheme can have the same relaxing effect as the above mentioned neutral color scheme. You can easily pull this off on your nursery by using light to medium tones of the same hue. And to avoid the clash of colors, store all the baby stuff at a trunk or closet to keep everything at peace.

If the room has an existing design or even if you’re just starting from scratch, look for the area that will occupy the most amount of space. An area with a rug laid out across the floor, for example. Choosing a warm color and minimal patterned carpet will not only avoid it from being a spotlight, but it would also allow your child to focus their attention on the toys while playing instead of the floor covering itself. In addition, an area rug can stimulate the sense of touch, letting the child differentiate warmth and softness from cold and hard. If allergens would be an issue, neutral-colored play mats made from natural materials like jute and bamboo are readily available in the market. Using quilts is also a good option.


Stowing away all the mess is the go-to solution in keeping an orderly nursery. But let’s face it, taking care of the baby and the rest of the family, there won’t be any time for you to keep the nursery room neat and tidy. Despair not. Being creative with your storage system can be your saving grace.

Choose storage solutions for your kid’s room that are easy-to-open and very accessible. This way, all the toys, books, and accessories are within reach every time it is needed. On the other hand, all your baby stuff can be arranged in a parade of spectacle across the room. Installing sturdy wall shelves on a plain wall is recommended. It not only keeps things organized, but it can also serve as one of the focal areas of the room. Just make sure to display the nice items and not the teeth-marked, savaged ones and save those rugged toys for the closed storage. 

For a more organized display, use open shelves with the aid of cartoon boxes and wicker baskets for segregation. Fashion your storage space with natural wicker lined with linen, or perhaps a fabric with a stylish print for a more customized look.


The crib will always be the highlight of a baby’s room. It is the main furniture that your child will be using. To add interest to your kid’s space, a kiddie version of designer chairs will be a smash for both adults and kids alike. Poufs and stools in the form of animals will be a sure hit without compromising the overall look. Similarly, a classic rocking horse - that is now available in a wide variety of design and style - is a fun addition that will not outgrow your kid.

Instead of opting for the usual rocking chair for your use, consider installing a hammock chair or swing chair hanging from the ceiling. Using this simple piece alone will augment an updated look into the space that you and your offspring can enjoy while still preserving the main functions of at the nursery. For more furniture options for kids-use and grown-ups in the nursery, check out our shop here.

Last but not the least, a small closet or a dresser to keep their clothes clean and free from dust. A pro tip: Opt for a dresser that is low enough so it can also double as a changing-diaper station with easy access to their apparel, saving you time in dressing them up.

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This post is also available in: Español

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